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ARTBOX has finally made its debut in Malaysia, just completing its first weekend with thousands of attendees over three days of creative market fun!

Artbox, Southeast Asia’s first creative market has made a name for itself in the Southeast Asian region for empowering creative and emerging retail and food and beverage concepts. Having originated from the city of angels, Bangkok, Thailand, the market has since travelled to Singapore and finally made its way to our humble city. 

Artbox Malaysia’s driving force has always been providing a platform for our local retailers, F&B, artists and musicians while still showcasing Thai brands, giving Malaysians the best of both worlds.

It’s proved to be a night market like no other as it features stalls of local and Thai fashion brands, artworks and unique souvenirs (you won’t find all the usual tourist souvenirs here though), as well as food vendors and food trucks offering a wide variety of food. 

With over 16 containers decked out in graffiti by local and international artists and energising performances by upcoming Malaysian musicians such as Mass Music and Jumero, it’s difficult to pinpoint one specific moment that made the first weekend of Artbox Malaysia memorable for all.

Below are some of the most talked about highlights of Artbox Malaysia so far!

1. Retail therapy
One of Artbox Malaysia’s main highlights has been the unique shopping experience. From streetwear clothing to the latest in bags and eyewear, there’s something for everyone! Get your hands on Artbox Malaysia exclusive ‘Artbox X PMC‘ t-shirts at the Pestle & Mortar Clothing booth and some trendy bags from prominent Thai retailer, Embroiderer. 

Artisanal knick knacks such as customised rubber stamps by Craftfeteria and unique handmade watches from Bornfound Watch are also amongst some of the rare finds at Artbox Malaysia.

Tip: Get your wallets ready!

2. Thai Milk Tea galore!
One of the most popular cold beverages in Thailand is none other than Thai Milk Tea, or better known as cha yen. The sunny Malaysian weather is no match against a nice iced cup of Thai Milk Tea just that much more irresistible. With several vendors selling this refreshing beverage at Artbox Malaysia, you’ll have nothing to sweat about!

Tip: Bring your own fans too for some added relief during the heat!

3. The perfect #OOTD backdrops
Visitors loved capturing their #ootd with the creative artworks crafted on Artbox's unique shipping containers by Sunway University students. Guests could also step into a dazzling container that was transformed by Wowsome and immerse themselves in borderless art and experience infinite space in this one-of-a-kind digital installation.

Tip: Dress to impress but go easy on the layers!

4. Singing in the rain 
One of the most unforgettable moments at Artbox Malaysia’s first weekend was when guests braved the rain to watch local musicians such as Mass Music perform on stage. All dressed in raincoats and holding on to their umbrellas, guests stayed on throughout the entertaining performance proving that we won’t allow a little bad weather to rain on our parade! 

Tip: Raincoats and umbrellas are a must with the unpredictable Malaysian weather

5. Good food to get you in a good mood
 There’s nothing we Malaysians love more than food and there’s no better place for good food than Artbox Malaysia. With over 100 different food vendors and food trucks from Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore, you know you’re definitely in for a treat! Visitors got to dig into some authentic Thai street food while also indulging in unique bites such as rainbow grilled cheese sandwiches and Cola chicken.

Tip: Be prepared to wait in line for some yummy food but it will definitely be worth your while!

6. Starry night under the fairy lights
Who can forget the amazing view that took place at Artbox Malaysia when all 6km of their fairy lights to set the mood for an enchanting night.

Tip: Take plenty of pictures!

Visitors can enjoy free admission to Artbox which takes place from 3pm-11pm on 9 -11 November and 16-18 November at Sunway City Outdoor Open Air Carpark. Priority lane is provided for senior citizens above 55 years old, parents with children below 7 years old and disabled citizens.

[CREDIT: Artbox Malaysia]

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