University of Cyberjaya Triumphs with Bronze In Putra Aria Brand Awards Education and Learning Category

IN a moment of pride and recognition, the University of Cyberjaya has secured the Bronze Award in the prestigious Putra Aria Brand Awards, specifically in the Education and Learning category.

This accolade, introduced by the Association of Accredited Advertising Agents Malaysia ('4As') in 2022, is a testament to the university’s commitment to excellence in education.

Vice Chancellor of the University of Cyberjaya, Professor Dr. Zabidi Hussin, emphasized the institution’s role as a beacon for nurturing future changemakers.

“The University of Cyberjaya stands as a beacon for unleashing the changemakers of tomorrow, relentlessly bridging the divide between our students’ aspirations and the opportunities that propel them forward.

“Our alumni now stand as pillars in diverse fields – from esteemed medical professionals to visionary entrepreneurs, dedicated healthcare workers, vigilant safety officials, and accomplished corporate professionals,” he said.

With a track record boasting over 13,550 successful graduates, the university and its affiliated college's impact extends far beyond academic achievements.

The Putra Aria Brand Awards, established to celebrate and acknowledge outstanding brands across various sectors, witnessed an extensive survey process that involved the active participation of over 11,000 respondents.

The 8-week-long survey, conducted from September to October 2023, saw respondents voluntarily engaging with ‘invitations-to-participate’ ads published on 62 websites.

Embracing the ethos of continuous improvement, the university continues to expand its faculties as well as programmes, harnessing the expertise of dedicated educators

The criteria for evaluating brands were comprehensive, reflecting the respondents’ perceptions and experiences. The University of Cyberjaya competed in the Education and Learning category, encompassing universities, private schools and colleges, correspondence courses, and more.

The survey sought opinions on various aspects, including respondents’ familiarity with the brand, their experiences, impressions, intent to purchase the product associated with the brand, forced-choice brand preferences, and brands they would recommend to friends and family.

This comprehensive approach ensured a well-rounded evaluation, reflecting each brand's holistic impact and resonance within the Education and Learning sector.

As the University of Cyberjaya celebrates its Bronze Award, it remains steadfast in its global impact. Professor Dr. Zabidi envisions further collaboration and partnerships with prestigious universities worldwide, fortifying the institution’s position as a truly global educational powerhouse.

In the wake of this notable accomplishment, the University of Cyberjaya underscores its role as a premier institution devoted to shaping the future through top-notch education and an unwavering dedication to ongoing enhancement.  - 7KLIK

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