31 Ogo 2019


SELAMAT menyambut hari kemerdekaan yang ke-62 buat negara tercinta, Malaysiaku. Sama-sama kita raikan hari kebebasan ini dengan menzahirkan semangat patriotik masing-masing.

Kami di 7Klikdotcom kongsikan foto-foto menarik artis dan selebriti popular tanah air yang dimuat naik di laman Instagram mereka sepanjang 31 Ogos 2019 ini.


[KREDIT FOTO: Instgaram Artis/selebriti tanah air]

by Sudirman

Di sini lahirnya sebuah cinta
Yang murni abadi sejati
Di sini tersemai cita-cita
Bercambah menjadi warisan

Andai kuterbuang tak diterima
Andai aku disingkirkan
Ke mana harus kubawakan
Ke mana harus kusemaikan
Cinta ini

Betapa di bumi ini 'ku melangkah
Ke utara, selatan, timur, dan barat

Aku bukanlah seorang perwira
Gagah menghunus senjata
Namun hati rela berjuang
Walau dengan cara sendiri
Demi cinta ini

Kuingin kotakan seribu janji
Sepanjang kedewasaan ini
Kuingin sampaikan pesanan
Akulah penyambung warisan

Andai kuterbuang tak diterima
Andai aku disingkirkan
Ke mana harus kubawakan
Ke mana harus kusemaikan
Cinta ini

KUMPULAN J-Born muncul juara Muzikal Lawak Superstar sekaligus mengetepikan tiga lagi finalis lain dalam aksi pentas akhir yang berlangsung di Dewan Sri Putra, Bukit Jalil sebentar tadi.

Kemenangan itu sekaligus melayakkan J-Born yang dianggotai oleh Khir Rahman, Vicha dan Joey membawa pulang RM150,000 beserta trofi.

Tempat kedua pula dimenangi kumpulan UNI yang dianggotai oleh Fad Bocey, Atu Zero dan Fakhrul UNIC. Mereka membawa pulang RM75,000 beserta trofi.

Newboh yang terdiri daripada Ali Puteh, Mamak Puteh dan Tomok pula berada di tempat ketiga dengan membawa pulang wang kemenangan berjumlah RM50,000 beserta trofi.

Manakala Botak yang dianggotai oleh Achey, Abam dan Black pula hanya berpuas hati di tempat keempat dengan membawa pulang RM25,000 beserta trofi.

Dalam pada itu, Joey dari kumpulan J-Born turut diumumkan sebagai Superstar pada musim ini berdasarkan kecemerlangan persembahan yang ditampilkan saban minggu.

Kesemua peserta diadili oleh tiga juri tetap yang terdiri daripada Datuk Awie, Nora Danish dan Altimet. Penjurian adalah menerusi format pemarkahan 50 peratus daripada juri tetap dan 50 peratus daripada undian penonton secara online.  

Muzikal Lawak Superstar yang telah berlangsung selama 10 minggu ini dihoskan oleh Nabil Ahmad dan Nabila Huda. 

30 Ogo 2019


AS THE NATION celebrates its 62nd National Day, aquariaKLCC will be bringing joyful tunes as part of its own celebration. The “SEA-MPHONY” is a one- of-its kind performance combining culture and creativity through music. 

The show features our very own professional diver playing an underwater gong accompanied by a quartet from the renowned Malaysian Philharmonic Youth Orchestra. The gong is a quintessential traditional Southeast Asian musical instrument which will bring a traditional twist to the familiar patriotic tunes.

Aquawalk Sdn Bhd Group Managing Director, Dato’ Simon Foong says 

“Music has the power to unite, like an orchestra when people work together it can create something truly remarkable. This year we are driving this message of patriotism and the importance of unity for a peaceful country”. 
“Our visitors of all walk of life can sing and dance while learning about the underwater world of aquariaKLCC” he adds.

The “SEA-MPHONY” performance happens at 11am on 30th & 31st August 2019 and at 4pm on 15th & 16th September 2019.


In line with the theme of 2019 National Day and Malaysia Day celebration “Sayangi Malaysiaku: Malaysia Bersih”, aquariaKLCC has joined hands with Ministry of Education (MOE), STEM center and EDUWEBTV to launch aquaponic school competition. 

Beginning on 13th June 2019, 10 schools from the Putrajaya precinct have started building their aquaponic system using recycled materials with limited budget and space. The competition runs for 6 months and will end in November 2019.

Each school is represented by a group of Form 4 students. This competition will not only test the students with their mechanical building skills, but also their leadership qualities, team work, creativity & innovative thinking skills. The winners will walk away with travel vouchers, sponsored by KL Hop-on Hop-off and Wonderfly Asia.

An aquaponic is a hybrid term that combines hydroponics (soil-less growing of plants) and aquaculture (raising fish). It is a highly efficient system for food production as it re-uses nutrients from the fish feces to grow the crop plants in ecological cycle. It is an environmentally friendly and high sustainability system which creates a near zero-waste discharge.

Admission fees are RM49 (adult) and RM39 (children) for MyKad Holders and RM69 (adults) and RM59 (children) for non MyKad Holders. www.aquariaklcc.com


GET mooo-ving and have your spoons ready as KL is about to be hit with delicious, mouth-watering chunks and swirls! World-famous Ice Cream company, Ben & Jerry’s, is officially opening its first-ever Scoop Shop in Malaysia at Sunway Pyramid (Central Avenue). 

In conjunction with the official opening, the premium ice cream brand will be greeting Malaysians with 10,000 free scoops on the 2nd of September, 2019, Monday from 12:00pm – 8:00pm.

The Scoop Shop is ready to serve an exciting menu of sixteen (16) ice cream flavours, including the brand’s global best-sellers - Cherry Garcia, Chocolate Fudge Brownie, Chunky Monkey, New York Super Fudge Chunk, Triple Caramel Chunk and Tonight Dough, alongside new shakes, sundaes, ice cream cakes and a wide range of merchandise.

“We are learning that our customers are becoming more conscious of the products and ingredients they consume, and the values brands have. We at Unilever are proud to introduce Ben & Jerry’s to the market and its strong values along with it. 
We look forward to educating our local consumers on the brand’s history and our unique social mission which aims to create a positive difference in the world. 
We know that now more than ever, Malaysians are ready to spread peace, love and ice cream together with Ben & Jerry’s,” Shiv Sahgal, Food and Refreshments, Marketing Director of Unilever Malaysia said.

In wanting to make ‘the best possible ice cream in the nicest possible way’, Ben & Jerry’s believes that apart from making delicious ice cream, the brand has a powerful and positive advantage in evoking social and environmental change. 

From Fairtrade farmers being paid fair prices to providing people in need of a second chance with job opportunities, Ben & Jerry's sources ingredients from producers and suppliers who share similar values. 

Aligned with this approach, Ben & Jerry’s in Malaysia have partnered with eat X dignity - a homegrown initiative that provides underprivileged students with entrepreneurial opportunities in the Food & Beverage industry - to create baked goods that will be made readily available at the Ben & Jerry’s Scoop Shop in Kuala Lumpur. 

In addition, the Scoop Shop in Malaysia will embark on reducing single-use plastic in-store, offering biodegradable paper straws and wooden spoons to customers.

The Ben & Jerry’s Scoop Shop in Sunway Pyramid will open doors from the 30th of August onwards with a grand opening on Monday, 2nd of September, where the brand’s ice cream gurus will be serving Malaysians free scoops from 12:00pm – 8:00pm. Ben & Jerry’s best-sellers are also made available in pints and mini-pints at major supermarkets such as AEON, Jaya Grocer’s and Sam’s Groceria.


TIKTOK, the world’s leading short video platform, has launched its Merdeka campaign in support of Malaysia’s 62nd Independence day, aligning its challenges to this year’s National Day theme. The theme, Sayangi Malaysiaku: Malaysia Bersih (Love Malaysia: A Clean Malaysia) stresses the importance of unity, patriotism and shared prosperity for the well-being of the Rakyat. 

In line with this theme, TikTok’s Merdeka challenges are titled #ilovemalaysia and #madeinmalaysia. The former focuses on travel videos with the hopes of showcasing Malaysians’ favorite places to visit, eat, shop or simply just lepak with friends and family, while the latter focuses on comedy, culture and education. 

TikTok users are to use either one or both of these hashtags together with limited-time Merdeka stickers when expressing their love for Malaysia and posting their videos. The challenges begin on 29 August and ends on 16 September, with 20 winners standing a chance to walk away with limited edition TikTok Merdeka merchandise.

“As we celebrate our differences this Merdeka, TikTok is reminded of our commitment to inclusivity, to ensure that TikTok is a place where everyone belongs, regardless of nationality, ethnicity, gender or socio-economic levels. 
What better way to commemorate our National Day than by showcasing our individual cultures and talents, which collectively make us uniquely Malaysians,” said Cheah Sheau Mei, User and Content Operations Manager, Malaysia.

Many local influencers and creators across various industries have taken up the challenge to show their love for the country, including:- Faizal Tahir, Desmond Wong Tac Sen, Zack Shah Ahamed dan Saifuddin Devy. 

Powered by cutting-edge technology and content tailored to user preferences, TikTok is diversifying its content to bring together as many communities as possible, and is  committed to building a community by encouraging users to share their passion and creative expression through their videos. 

TikTok is now available in over 150 markets, and in 75 languages, with a robust localization strategy to encourage users to create and interact with content relevant to local cultures and trends.

TikTok Malaysia’s Merdeka campaign, inspired by Malaysia’s 62nd Independence Day theme, Sayangi Malaysiaku: Malaysia Bersih
TikTok’s Merdeka challenges call upon the Rakyat to express their patriotism and unity by highlighting places and culture that are uniquely Malaysian
Participate in #ilovemalaysia and #madeinmalaysia and stand a chance to win limited edition TikTok Merdeka Merchandise


SONY expanded its renowned 1000X family with the addition of new generation truly wireless headphones – the WF-1000XM3. Sony’s Industry-leading  Noise Cancellation is improved further with the HD Noise Cancelling Processor QN1e chip and Dual Noise Sensor Technology which delivers exceptional Noise Cancelling performance, enabling you to hear the music and nothing else.

The next level of silence
The WF-1000XM3 headphones feature Dual Noise Sensor technology that works with the new HD Noise Cancelling Processor QN1e to catch and cancel noise respectively, so that all attention is on your music. 

Thanks to Dual Noise Sensor Technology, one feed-forward microphone and one feed-back microphone on the surface of the headphones catch more of the ambient sound around you. Having caught the ambient sound, the dedicated HD Noise Cancelling Processor QN1e gets to work. 

The processor cleverly creates an inverted sound wave to offset bothersome background noise. It not only cancels more noise across almost all frequencies but also uses less power. Anything ranging from annoying aircraft cabin noise, to hustle and bustle on the city streets, is dramatically cancelled by the buds - so it’s all about the music.

Exceptional sound quality
Characteristic of the 1000X family, you can enjoy premium, high quality sound on the WF-1000XM3 buds and listen to your music the way that the artist intended. The HD Noise Cancelling Processor QN1e also accomplishes stunning sound thanks to 24-bit audio signal processing and DAC with amplifier. 

Digital Sound Enhancement Engine HX (DSEE HX™) upscales compressed digital music files including MP3 formats, to bring you closer to the quality of High-Resolution Audio. Fully immerse yourself in high quality sound, whether you’re listening to music or enjoying the latest movies on the go and thereby transform the dreaded commute into a fun and relaxing escape from the commotion around you.

True wireless, true freedom
The truly wireless design of the WF-1000XM3 buds allows you to move freely without the nuisance of getting tangled in wires. The WF-1000XM3 buds are small and light but manage to pack in a newly developed BLUETOOTH® chip. 

This allows for L/R simultaneous BLUETOOTH® transmission which means that both left and right earbuds receive audio content at the same time, rather than the conventional left-to-right relay BLUETOOTH® transmission. 

Teamed with the new optimised antenna structure, this results in a highly stable wireless connection, so nothing gets in between you and your music. Also, low latency syncs what you see on screen precisely with what you hear on your headphones for enjoyable TV shows, videos and more.

The WF-1000XM3 buds are specifically designed for improved comfort and stability in the ear. The ‘ergonomic tri-hold’ structure holds the earbuds firmly in place, with three supporting points for the ear. 

A high-friction rubber surface has also been included to ensure a stable fitting. With four sizes of hybrid earbuds and three sizes of triple comfort earbuds, you can find your perfect fit.

Clever convenience 
The HD Noise Cancelling Processor QN1e has low power consumption, boosting the battery life and your listening time considerably. 

You can listen for up to 24 hours  with Noise Cancelling on, thanks to WF-1000XM3 earbuds’ sleek case that doubles up as a charger, perfect for a battery boost on the go. 

The buds even have a quick charge function – just 10 minutes of charging gives you up to 90 minutes of battery life.

For ease, you can use Quick Attention mode to communicate without removing your earbuds. Simply place your finger over the touch panel of the left earbud to quickly lower the music volume and let the ambient sound in, so you can hear announcements or order a drink. 

Plus, with the fully customisable touch sensors on the earbuds , you can easily play, pause, skip songs or activate your voice assistant with simple taps. Additionally, the new Wearing Detection feature automatically pauses your music when you remove one of the earbuds from your ear and resumes playing when you put the earbud back in your ear, so you never miss a beat. 

Optimised for the Google Assistant , you can control your headphones by voice, making the WF-1000XM3 the perfect commuter companion. 

The headphones are also compatible with the Sony | Headphones Connect app, where you’ll find customisation features for sound, noise cancellation, touch controls and more.


Pricing and Availability
The WF-1000XM3 is available in Sony Stores KLCC and Curve, Sony Store online and all authorised dealers in Malaysia at RM949.

[CREDIT: Sony Malaysia]