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3 Reasons why you should tune into TLC’s The Bachelor Japan

WE can’t deny that we’ve all been hooked to the sacred Rose Ceremony, somewhat brutal mate elimination rounds and drama that comes with The Bachelor. Nothing but binge-worthy content, right? 

It’s about to get even better with The Bachelor (Japan) - that’s right, there’s an Asian version and be sure to expect everything and more. Japan’s first Bachelor, Hirotake Kubo is just one of the few reasons why you should tune in! We’ve got 5 solid reasons why you need to get hooked! 

#1: An Asian prince charming - duh! 

Get all googly-eyed over Japan’s first bachelor - a young businessman from Tokyo - Hirotake Kubo. He’s stolen our hearts already and we can’t wait to see how he makes the tough decision of breaking hearts! 

#2: The Bachelor gang travel around Japan (and even Thailand) and take on different adventures together! 

Explore the scenic Japan with the Bachelor and his prospects. Travel through Tokyo to Hokkaido and Okinawa with Hirotake and witness the amazing adventures they take on together to truly test their relationships. On a separate agenda, this may even help you plan your next trip to Japan! 

#3: The prospect of witnessing two people find love - awww! 

Let’s get real, despite the love, hate and drama, there’s nothing more fulfilling to watch than two people finding love through the challenges they take on. 

The Bachelor Japan S1

Do we really need an excuse to watch The Bachelor Japan? Grab your popcorn, your best friend and get ready to go through a rollercoaster of emotions with Hirotake. 

The Bachelor Japan S1 will be premiering on TLC (Astro Channel 707) on Thursday, 19 September 2019 @ 9pm. For more information, kindly find attached the series description for your further reading. 

Premiere Day / Date: Thursday, 19 September 2019
Premiere Time: 9.00pm (MY)
Episodes: 14 episodes


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