5G the new network technology is definitely a hot topic for 2019. 5G is not only the main theme of the development of mobile Internet but also is going to be one of the most demanded features on upcoming smartphones. 

That’s why all top brands are very active trying to bring this technology to their models as soon as possible.

Recently, vivo showed their 5G-enabled smartphones at the International Symposium on ICT Technology in Beijing, China. As one of the top 5 smartphone brand in the world, vivo’s upcoming 5G smartphone is able to support some applications.

Zhang Yuan, director of the vivo Standard Product department, also delivered a keynote speech on ‘Accelerating R&D of 5G Smartphones’, reiterating the emphasis on the upcoming vivo 5G smartphones and revealing that they are in work. 

As he said, as early as 2016, vivo began the research and development of 5G networks. In the past two years, they have submitted more than 1,500 technical proposals to the 3GPP standardization organization, fully participating in RAN1 (Radio Access Network, wireless). 

The standard work of the access network, RAN2, RAN4, and the core network has led the discussion of several technical features and made important contributions to the 5G standard.

According to the statement of the former vivo CEO, the research and development of vivo’s 5G smartphones are progressing smoothly. The first five-G pre-commercial smartphone will be launched in 2019, and the real 5G smartphone will be launched in 2020 when the Chinese operators bring this technology to the larger masses.

It is reported that vivo is working with network equipment companies to debug terminal equipment. In 2019, vivo will participate in the testing of the IMT-2020 promotion group, the terminal testing, and the network testing organized by operators.

[CREDIT: Vivo Malaysia]

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