6 Dis 2018


ASTRO is pleased to announce that Netflix has acquired the worldwide rights for its first Hong Kong original drama series, Demon’s Path. The 13-episode drama series will be available to Netflix subscribers worldwide (except in China) from 22 December 2018. 

Celestial Movies Channel had earlier picked up the rights for Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia and the Philippines. It is also available on BOO, Astro’s Asian Horror Channel in Malaysia and the Philippines. 

Demon’s Path was produced in partnership with Hong Kong production company, What a Sunny Day. The drama series was directed by acclaimed Hong Kong screenwriters, Ong Yi Hing and Sunny Lau, featuring a line-up of popular Hong Kong artistes including Jim Chim Sui Man, Power Chan Kwok Pong and Ai Wai. 

As the leading regional content aggregator and creator, Astro is committed to produce compelling Asian originals for scale and reach beyond Malaysia through co-production with international content partners. The company is thrilled that its first Hong Kong original drama series, Demon’s Path, will be enjoyed by Netflix subscribers globally and it looks forward to offering more original content to a wider audience.

Demon’s Path will appeal to audiences who enjoy horror, mystery and comedy genres. In this drama series, forensic pathologist, Ho Fei (Ong Yi Xing), who has special power to see the final 10-second flashback of the deceased, is a good friend of exorcist, Chow Chu Kei (Sunny Lau) and policeman, Yu Yik Sam (Kaki Sham). Together, they track down murderers. As their investigation gets deeper, a murderer threated to harm them. 

[CREDIT: Netflix]

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