1 Jul 2018


JULY 2018 Highlights on HBO, CINEMAX and RED by HBO! 

Premieres Monday, July 9  at 9am on HBO (Astro Ch 411/ HD 431) 

Based on the bestselling novel of the same name by Gillian Flynn, Sharp Objects stars Oscar®-nominee Amy Adams as reporter Camille Preaker, who returns to her small hometown to cover the murders of two preteen girls. Trying to put together a psychological puzzle from her past, she finds herself identifying with the young victims a bit too closely.

The eight-episode HBO Original limited drama series also stars Oscar®-nominee Patricia Clarkson  and Chris Messina.

Premieres Saturday, July 14 at 9pm on HBO (Astro Ch 411/ HD 431)
On HBO: English / Bahasa Malaysia

Tom Cruise reunites with his Edge of Tomorrow director, Doug Liman, in an international escapade based on an incredible true story of the CIA's biggest secret – American Made. Tom Cruise stars as a hustler and pilot recruited to run one of the biggest covert operations in U.S. history. Domhnall Gleeson  and Sarah Wright also star.

Premieres Saturday, July 7 at 9pm on HBO (Astro Ch 411 / HD 431)
On HBO: English / Bahasa Malaysia

This visually arresting psychological thriller follows a couple whose tranquil lives are disrupted and their relationship put to the test when uninvited guests arrive at their home.

Academy Award® winners Jennifer Lawrence and Javier Bardem deliver unforgettable performances in Darren Aronofsky’s  praised opus.

Premieres Saturday, July 21 at 9pm on HBO (Astro Ch 411 / HD 431)
On HBO: English / Bahasa Malaysia

When a secluded girls’ boarding school in Civil War-era Virginia provides refuge to a wounded Union soldier found near the school, the house is taken over with sexual tension and dangerous rivalries, and taboos are broken in an unexpected turn of events.

From acclaimed writer/director Sofia Coppola , this atmospheric thriller stars a stellar cast including Academy Award® winner Nicole Kidman, Golden Globe® winner Colin Farrell, Golden Globe® nominee Kirsten Dunst  and Elle Fanning.

Premieres Friday, July 27 at 11pm on CINEMAX (Astro Ch 412)

An up-and-coming but dysfunctional team of assassins sets out to make a name for themselves by attempting to kill the most notorious hitman of all time – Gunther. But before the team can even cock their guns, Gunther is already onto them.

Golden Globe® winner Arnold Schwarzenegger plays Gunther in this cat-and-mouse dark comedy, alongside Taran Killam  and Cobie Smulders .

Premieres Friday, July 13 at 10pm on RED BY HBO ( Unifi TV Ch 221­)

When a mother of a 30-year-old intellectually-disabled son finds out that her days are numbered, she begins writing a checklist for her son to fend for himself. With the help of the neighbours and her elder daughter, with whom she had grown apart, she fills the list in preparation for the farewell.

This tear-jerking Korean drama stars Goh Doo-shim and Kim Sung-kyun.

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