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EXPLORE authentic tips and tricks on the best beauty looks of the season with hosts Han Sunhwa and Cao Lu. 

Up! Pretty features popular beauty Youtubers as well as an expert pool of celebrities and professionals, including celebrity make-up artist Gyungshik Ham who will also share an exclusive insider’s view introducing beauty products and tips obsessed by celebrities. Up! Pretty premieres 2 July, Mondays 9.30pm.  

Lifetime is offering delicate beauty influencer Yeoh Mongchin a chance to do something she never thought she’d do – do six runs in 6 countries over 8 weeks. It seems impossible, but this rookie runner is not alone. In each country, she’s going to meet musicians, food bloggers, fashion designers… people from all walks of life who are united by a love for running. Each will help her in their own way to make it through this challenge, from designing the coolest leggings on the planet to curating the perfect playlist for the run to introducing her to the most delicious carb loading known to man. With their support, Mongchin hopes she will complete this challenge and inspire people everywhere to get moving! Who Runs The World With MongChin premieres 23 July, Mondays 9.30pm.  


Other Highlights on Lifetime (Astro Ch 709) in July includes:

Masterchef Australia S10 – New episodes, Mondays to Fridays 8pm 

Dance Moms S7B – New Season, 18 July, Mondays to Fridays 4.05pm 

Married At First Sight US S5 – New episodes, Tuesdays 9.05pm 

Celebrating International Friendship Day – Stunt, 28 July, Saturday 9pm 

Back-to-back specials with Lifetime Original Movie, Beaches and Beaches: The After Party  

A contemporary remake of the classic tear-jerker Beaches. Follow the lifelong friendship between an aspiring singer, CC Bloom and the daughter of a prominent civil rights lawyer, Hillary Whitney, after they serendipitously meet on Venice Beach. Their friendship - even with its ups and downs - sustains them for decades, but ends tragically with Hillary's early death.

This one hour special keeps the celebration going following the premiere of Lifetime remake of the classic movie, Beaches. From a beach house in the Hamptons, Sara is joined by stars Idina Menzel, Nia Long, Gabriella Pizzolo and Grace Capeless who reunite to discuss their on-set experiences and secrets.

LIFETIME ORIGINAL MOVIES -  1 new movie every week, Wednesdays 9.05pm 

We Have Your Husband (4 July)
American-born Jayne, her husband Eduardo the son of a legendary Mexican newspaper publisher, and their two children live an idyllic life on their 1,000 acre ranch outside of a peaceful Mexico town. But in the summer of 2007, their peaceful life is turned into a real-life nightmare when Eduardo is ambushed and kidnapped by strangers.

Deadly Lessons (11 July)
Romanced by a charismatic professor, a college girl quits school to run away with and marry him.  While her mother tries to convince her to come home, she slowly learns that he is a controlling husband with a shady past... and soon realizes that if she were to leave him he would kill her.

Psycho Brother- In- Law (18 July)
Kate is so thankful to have her brother-in-law David back in her family's life as he's been a blessing around the house while her husband spends long days at the office. But when his behavior starts getting out of line, Kate realizes that David wants to be the new head of the family, and will do anything to make that happen.

I Killed My BFF : The Preacher’s Daughter (25 July)
Lily is the perfect preacher's daughter until she becomes convinced that Rae is the devil and needs to be punished for an accident. When Rae's daughter shows up, Lily does everything she can to pull her away from her mother and into the church.


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