31 Mac 2018


SELESAI tiga bulan pertama tahun 2018 dan kutipan filem Melayu mencatat kutipan yang sangat-sangat mengecewakan.

Entah apa yang tidak kena, entah di mana salah silapnya apabila kebanyakan filem Melayu yang ditayangkan setakat ini hanya berjaya meraih kutipan puluhan ribu sahaja.

Kecuali filem arahan Syafiq Yusof, KL Special Force yang cukup bergaya di pawagam kutipan melebihi RM9 juta dalam masa dua minggu dan kini masih lagi rancak ditayangkan kepada umum. Tidak mustahil ia mampu memecah rekod yang dibuat Syafiq sendiri mEnerusi filem Abang Long Fadil 2 yang meraih kutipan RM18.1 juta.

Jom kita tengok kutipan filem Melayu yang telah selesai tayangannya sepanjang Januari hingga Mac. Data yang dikongsikan ini adalah dari laman web rasmi Finas.

Senarai adalah mengikut kutipan terrendah.

1. Bidong The Boat People - RM3,536 

2. Surf This Love - RM38,231

3. Busker - RM68,739 

4. Badang - RM74,148

5. Bukan Cinta Malaikat - RM134,324

6. Makrifat Cinta - RM138,686 


30 Mac 2018


SEPERTI yang diketahui umum, program Nur Sajat Rated Xtra yang dibawakan oleh platform OTT ulung di Malaysia, tonton telah pun bersiaran semenjak 28 Februari yang lalu. 

Bagi yang mengikuti perkembangan Nur Sajat tentu sekali mengetahui tentang program yang merangkumi 30 episod ini menonjolkan sudut berbeza dan mendalami kehidupan Nur Sajat secara lebih peribadi yang tentu sekali dinanti oleh para peminat. 

Terkini, episod kedua Vlog yang berkonsepkan rakaman realiti ini, ke udara pada hari ini 30 Mac 2018 bermula jam 12 tengah hari. Apa yang menarik pada episod kali ini? Pelbagai kejutan diterima Nur Sajat; siapakah gerangan pemuda yang menghadiahkan ‘sesuatu yang cukup istemewa’ buat Nur Sajat?

Setiap Vlog yang berdurasi 7 hingga ke 11 minit ini juga memperlihatkan sambutan hari lahir Nur Sajat yang telah diadakan di wisma beliau bersama rombongan anak-anak tahfiz juga turut dihadiri rakan selebriti Dato’ Aliff Syukri serta Fasha Sandha pada episod kali ini. 

Wisma yang dibina hasil titik peluh Nur Sajat sendiri kini telah pun beroperasi dan diserikan lagi dengan kemeriahan sambutan hari lahir beliau dibawakan secara eksklusif hanya di tonton. 

SULLIVAN Stapleton and Philip Winchester, the stars of the first four seasons of the CINEMAX action series STRIKE BACK, will guest star in the last two episodes of the latest season of STRIKE BACK

Reprising their roles as Sgt. Damien Scott and Sgt. Michael Stonebridge, the duo will make guest appearances in the penultimate and season finale of STRIKE BACK 5 which premieres same time as the U.S. on Saturday, March 31 and Saturday, April 7 respectively, exclusively on CINEMAX (Astro Ch 412) at 11am with a same day primetime encore at 11pm. 

The brand new cast of the ten-episode fifth season of the series, which premiered on February 3, include (“Luther,” “The Dark Knight Rises”), Daniel MacPherson (“Infini”), Roxanne McKee (“Crossfire,” HBO’s “Game of Thrones”) and Alin Sumarwata (“Burning Man”). 

New episodes of STRIKE BACK Season 5 premieres exclusively on CINEMAX (Astro Ch 412) every Saturday, same time as the U.S. at 11am with a same day primetime encore at 11pm. The series will also be available on HBO On Demand (via Astro GO). 

Episode #47 (season 5, episode 7)
Debut date: Saturday, March 17 at 11am on CINEMAX (Astro Ch 412)  

In order to keep pace with Lowry (Katherine Kelly), Section 20 looks to track down ex-CIA contractor Rachel Sheridan (Dervla Kirwan), with Wyatt (Daniel MacPherson) looking to win the confidence of her estranged daughter, Lila (Sai Bennett). Meanwhile, Jensen’s (Phil Dunster) desire to get closer to Novin (Alin Sumarwata) brings him into the field – and closer to danger. Written by Jack Lothian and Simon Allen; directed by Bill Eagles.

Episode #48 (season 5, episode 8)
Debut date: Saturday, March 24 at 11am on CINEMAX (Astro Ch 412)

Mac (Warren Brown) and Wyatt (Daniel MacPherson) close in on a “black site” harboring a terrorist of interest to Lowry (Katherine Kelly) – as well as Col. Parker (Corey Johnson). Back at work under Donovan’s (Nina Sosanya) watchful eye, Jensen (Phil Dunster) looks to crack a code involving Project Tenebrae. Written by Jack Lothian and Simon Allen; directed by Bill Eagles.

Episode #49 (season 5, episode 9)
Debut date: Saturday, March 31 at 11am on CINEMAX (Astro Ch 412)

The team races to deliver a package to Donovan (Nina Sosanya), but a familiar adversary causes them problems along the way. A startling revelation changes the game, forcing Reynolds (Roxanne McKee) to make a difficult choice. A cornered Novin (Alin Sumarwata) gets a reprieve from unexpected sources. Written by Jack Lothian; directed by MJ Basset.

Episode #50 (season 5, episode 10)
Debut date: Saturday, April 7 at 11am on CINEMAX (Astro Ch 412) 

With the stakes at an all-time high, Section 20 heads to a remote island for a top-secret mission. Written by Jack Lothian; directed by MJ Basset.

The series will also be available on HBO On Demand (via Astro GO). 

[CREDIT: Cinemax]

29 Mac 2018


AXA Affin General Insurance Berhad partners with Peoplender Sdn. Bhd. to provide Malaysia’s SMEs with complete peace of mind by protecting their businesses from the unforeseen.  

To address the issues of the lack of business protection and capital constraints among Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), AXA Affin General Insurance Berhad (AAGI) has joined hands with Peoplender Sdn. Bhd., a market operator licensed by the Securities Commission Malaysia to operate a peer-to-peer (P2P) financing platform known as Fundaztic. 

AAGI offers SMEs flexible, affordable and trade specific protection to ensure their business continuity and sustainability, while Fundaztic supports their business funding needs through P2P financing by connecting them to mass retail investors. 

According to Bank Negara Malaysia, SMEs are recognised as a critical component of the country’s economy, contributing more than a third of gross domestic product (GDP) and providing job opportunities to more than four million workers in Malaysia.  

“However, there is still a huge gap of financing for micro and small SMEs due to the size of their funding needs, internal banking policies, inability to provide the necessary collaterals required by banks and many other reasons. Funding is the key to drive growth and the lack of funding hampers the ability of many SMEs to scale their business,” Kristine Ng, Chief Executive Officer of Fundaztic commented.  
“Having AAGI on board is a promising support for the industry and we believe our partnership will raise visibility on P2P financing as an alternative funding vehicle among local SMEs,” she added. 

Crowdfunding in Malaysia is expected to grow following the introduction of regulatory frameworks for equity crowdfunding (ECF) in 2015 and P2P financing in 2016. AAGI has demonstrated its excellence as a customer-centric insurer by collaborating with a P2P financing platform to come up with innovative solutions that safeguard the SMEs’ needs. 

“We know there are many underserved SMEs who are unprotected. They operate in a small or medium scale and do not usually take business protection as their priority,” said Rebecca Tan, Chief Marketing Officer & Bancassurance of AAGI.  
“At AXA, we believe in empowering SMEs and providing them with complete peace of mind in their business ventures. We have gained insights on the SME industry, the insurance priority and mindset of SME owners to carefully identify their needs based on the specific trade they are operating in,” she added. 

AXA Business Advantage Plus (Enhanced) is specially designed with trade specific benefits such as fire, loss of money, burglary, theft and among others. For immediate business recovery, the plan also offers prompt claims services with 20% cash advance payment within 5 working days based on initial estimate of loss. 

Fundaztic provides a fair and transparent online crowdfunding platform with offerings beneficial to SMEs:
All SSM registered SMEs are eligible to apply 
Zero legal and documentation fees
Fast and simple online application process
Online acceptance of terms and conditions 

More information on www.axa.com.my or www.fundaztic.com. 

THE WORLD'S largest festival of light, music and ideas, Vivid Sydney returns in 2018 with a spectacular new precinct at Luna Park, the return of much-loved Customs House, and a fantastical blend of everyday objects and Australian-inspired motifs on the sails of the Sydney Opera House.

Minister for Tourism and Major Events, Adam Marshall said, 

“Vivid Sydney has delighted and inspired people from around Australia and the world. With the Festival now in its 10th year, visitors and locals alike can once again expect to be mesmerised by the Vivid Sydney program, with larger installations and a gripping Music and Ideas offering, so I encourage visitors to start planning their trip early to get the most out of this year’s exciting line-up. 
“Over 23 nights from Friday 25 May to Saturday 16 June, Vivid Sydney will paint the Harbour City in the colour and spectacle of Vivid Light, take over Sydney stages with Vivid Music’s electric performances and collaborations, and provide a global forum for thought-provoking debate and creative discussion at Vivid Ideas.” 

Vivid Sydney is owned, managed and produced by the NSW Government’s tourism and major events agency Destination NSW and in 2017, attracted a record-breaking 2.33 million attendees to Vivid Sydney, delivering an incredible $143 million of visitor expenditure into the NSW economy.


For the first time, Vivid Sydney’s dazzling Light Walk extends to new precinct Luna Park Sydney, where the iconic amusement park comes alive with large-scale projection on the façade of Coney Island. 

The show celebrates the history, magic, creativity, engineering, fantasy and imagination that have come together to create millions of memories on this unique and special site.This year also marks the first time Luna Park’s iconic Ferris Wheel will be lit for the festival following an LED refit, which has included a massive boost in the number of lights adorning the wheel.

Vivid Sydney’s bright lights will illuminate the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney again in 2018, where visitors will follow a pathway that weaves through an exciting nocturnal environment inspired by nature. 

Here, Parrot Party inspired by the New Zealand Kea Parrot and the Australian Rainbow Lorikeet, comes alive as people gather, breaking into song and radiating colourful light. Aqueous will dazzle with its interactive landscape of meandering pathways of light, which will flow and glow in full illuminated interactivity, engaging visitors in collaborative play. 

The Bloom, a giant electric, metallic flower with petals adorned with mirrors that refract and reflect light, puts you in the centre of the flower capturing the perfect photo moment, and He’e nalu gives the joyous sensation of surfing a wave.

In celebration of their 100 year anniversary, May Gibbs’ iconic and immortal characters, Snugglepot and Cuddlepie and their stalwart companions come to life on the façade of Customs House, as they journey through the Australian Bush and encounter the weird, the wonderful, and things quite unknown altogether. 

This whimsical piece will be narrated by renowned Australian film and television actress Noni Hazlehurst AM, Patron of the Australian Children’s Laureate, and beloved by Play School devotees far and wide.

All eyes turn to the World-Heritage listed Sydney Opera House at the centre of the Vivid Light Walk for Lighting of the Sails, created in 2018 by award-winning Australian artist Jonathan Zawada. Visitors will be captivated by Metamathemagical, a bold and dynamic display of morphing digital sculptures inspired by recognisable Australian motifs across science, nature and culture.

Sydney’s iconic buildings will once again be transformed, including the façade of the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia (MCA) with Virtual Vibration, a highly-collaborative creative work produced in conjunction with MCA Collection artist Jonny Niesche and composer Mark Pritchard.

Interactive lighting display Skylark will let visitors put their own colourful mark on the city, stretching from the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the skyscrapers of Circular Quay to the reaches of Sydney Harbour.

Network Ten and MasterChef Australia will bring a magical experience to the façade of the ASN Co. Building in The Rocks, in celebration of both Masterchef and Vivid Sydney’s 10th Birthday with Mystery Gâteau. Mini construction-worker chefs will guide you on a journey of fun and wonderment, with the famous MasterChef clock ticking down to the final extraordinary surprise.

Popular precincts Taronga Zoo, Darling Harbour, Chatswood, Barangaroo and Kings Cross will return in 2018.

Festival favourites from last year are back along with a whole new mob of fierce, fantastic, quirky and endearing species for Taronga Zoo’s Lights for the Wild. Visitors will discover some new spectacular animal light sculptures, and learn how Taronga is working to help save 10 species from extinction over the next 10 years.

An art-meets-technology water fountain, light and laser experience takes Darling Harbour visitors into a dream-like dive under the ocean, while the iconic rooftop of the Australian National Maritime Museum will be projected with BBC Earth and Sir David Attenborough’s Blue Planet II, exploring the fascinating world beneath the waves.

A pop-up market inspired by the colourful neighbourhood street markets of Brazil, built from scaffold and recycled materials and lit by lasers will transform the Chatswood CBD. The Concourse will take visitors on an immersive, deep dive into space featuring NASA’s amazing imagery and 360-degree projection.

Barangaroo glows under layers of light and sound that evoke the surrounding waterways, with the precinct coming to life through the magnificent art of puppetry with a breathtaking, giant luminescent creature venturing along the waterfront in a theatrical display of sound and light.

Precinct contributor Coca-Cola returns to light up the streets of Sydney’s iconic Kings Cross and to support another KX program in 2018. The colourful strip along Darlinghurst Road will be transformed with a spectacular display of light and life. 

The famous Coca-Cola sign comes alive again in 2018 with an array of flair and a creative colour show. Other Vivid KX transformations include the historic Victorian Terrace; World Bar, which will unfurl a multi-story house party, and the renowned Kings Cross Hotel, which will host cutting-edge artists curated by legendary party-crews.


Vivid Music ups the ante in 2018 with an electric line-up, from noise to jazz, sonic experimentation to soul. Highlights include a one-night-only performance by Grammy award-winning rock-goddess St. Vincent, and the return of Curve Ball headlined by Alison Wonderland – a large-scale live music and art event created by the team behind Field Day, Harbourlife and Listen Out – both at Carriageworks.

The City Recital Hall returns to the program, tracking the extraordinary rise in jazz with the Innovators In Jazz series featuring the undisputed king, triple Grammy award-winner saxophonist Branford Marsalis.The world’s finest jazz vocalists including Kurt Elling and chanteuse Madeleine Peyroux, will line up alongside Orange is the New Black star Lea Delaria in her musical comedy, jazz interpretation show.

Vivid LIVE at the Sydney Opera House hosts a stellar line-up of Australian exclusives as part of Vivid Sydney, including several Opera House debuts. Highlights this year include American dream-pop icons Mazzy Star, the godfather of West Coast rap Ice Cube, acclaimed 90s indie rock singer/songwriter Cat Power, Grammy award-winning artist Solange, and the long-awaited collaboration between iconic Australian artists Daniel Johns and Luke Steele. 

Now in its 4th year as part of Vivid Sydney, Heaps Gay struts uptown to Sydney Town Hall for an unmissable experience, the inaugural Qween’s Ball. Other not-to-be missed events include Young Hearts Run Free and one of Australia’s most exciting breakthrough artists performing at the Enmore Theatre, Vera Blue.

Also returning to Vivid Music in 2018 is X|Celerate, a partnership between Vivid Sydney and the City of Sydney to enliven music venues across town. Showcasing grassroots and emerging local music talent, highlights will include Purple Sneakers 12th birthday at The Lansdowne, a fusion of food, wine and music at Cake Wines Cellar Door, and HAPPY and VISIONS at The Lady Hampshire.


As architects of the future, it’s time to join the masterminds and creative catalysts at Vivid Ideas for inspiration. Vivid Ideas provides a forum to workshop, collaborate and cultivate fresh thinking to drive the creative agenda across tech, design, entertainment and culture. Vivid Ideas returns in 2018 with some of the world’s greatest minds as we explore the future-shaping scenarios that will define our lives.

Vivid Ideas 2018 showcases those who are leading the way in technology, creativity and science. Game Changers and Creative Catalysts this year include film-maker, marine explorer and conservationist James Cameron. 

In a Vivid Sydney exclusive, James will explore his passion for science and technology, and how it has influenced his work as a film director and environmentalist. James will be joined in conversation by Adam Spencer, while in Sydney to open the James Cameron – Challenging the Deep exhibition at the Australian National Maritime Museum.

Australian global success story Dare Jennings – founder of Mambo Clothing, Phantom Records and Deus ex Machina – joins his good friend James Valentine to discuss creating cult brands that cut across age and lifestyles as well the joys of throwing out the rule book.

Futurist and game developer, Jane McGonigal can prove games have the power transform our real world lives. She and Artificial Intelligence expert Kriti Sharma join Vivid Ideas to explore the latest in AI, VR and gaming to ask what kind of society we can create with technology.

Visual strategist at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory and co-founder of the Museum of Awe, Dan Goods joins the Vivid Ideas Creative Catalysts line-up to explore how creativity and science interplay and why NASA has a virtual strategist.

The New Horizons series explores the mega-trends and micro-developments in technology and innovation, and shines a light on experts tackling the biggest issues with creativity in a bid to make our future brighter. Topics include Future Fashion, Algae is the New Black, Blockchain Decoded and Evolving Democracy.

Over three successive Wednesdays, Vivid Sydney will take over the Art Gallery of NSW to create an intimate portrait of our better selves. Our special guests dare to ask if we can improve dying, how we can find common ground when and where there’s conflict, and why we should nudge perceptions around female sexuality. These events will be accompanied by curated music from Goldheist, Air Land Sea and Haiku Hands.

The Vivid Ideas Exchange at the Museum of Contemporary Art returns, boasting a diverse line-up of talks presented by creative experts covering topics including the future of work, the ethics of humanising technology and how to become agents for change.

[CREDIT PHOTO: Destination NSW – Metamathemagical: Artist impression by Jonathan Zawada]

28 Mac 2018


JOM kita ke  Pesta Buku Selangor 2018 yang berlangsung selama 11 hari di Pusat Konvensyen Shah Alam (SACC) , Shah Alam bermula dari 29 Mac sehingga 8 April 2018 bertemakan ‘membaca mencetus kreativiti’. Terdapat pelbagai aktiviti menarik sedang menunggu pengunjung disana.

Memasuki penganjuran kali ke-13 ini bakal menghimpunkan pelbagai karakter kartun daripada koleksi majalah kartun dan humor terbitan Bekazon. Karakter berkenaan akan ditampilkan dalam satu perkampungan kartun daripada kartunis majalah terkenal sekitar tahun 80an hingga 90an seperti Ujang, Apo dan Gempak seperti Tandori Payat, Joni dan Cupin. 

Di samping itu, pengunjung berpeluang memenangi hadiah misteri dengan menyertai peraduan ‘Standee Selfie’ daripada Bekazon dan Awang Khenit secara kreatif.

Pesta Buku Selangor 2018 pada kali ini mensasarkan penyertaan 100 penerbit buku termasuk penerbit buku antarabangsa dari Singapura dan United Kingdom. Ia turut mendapat kerjasama daripada rakan penerbit seperti Kumpulan Karangkraf, Ana Muslim, dan Bekazon. 


Switch - Change The World 
Hari: Thursday & Friday (Premier: 29 Mac 2018)
Masa: 8.10 malam
Saluran: OneHD (Astro 393) 
Pelakon: Jang Geun Suk

Switch – Change the World is about a man, gifted with high IQ who is intelligent enough to excel in a bar exam but instead opts to swindle his way through criminal and political cases by committing identity fraud. These are done all in the name of meting out justice.


27 Mac 2018


SABTU lalu telah berlangsungnya Festival Gegaria di Dataran Amanjaya, Meru, Ipoh dengan meriah sekali. 

Mencatatkan kehadiran seramai 25, 000 orang, Festival Gegaria menyediakan platform kepada golongan belia bagi mengekspresi diri selama satu hari bermula dari 8.00 pagi sehingga 11.00 malam di lima zon utama, iaitu Zon Makan-Makan #Gegaria, Zon Throwback Tunnel #Gegaria, Zon Gaya Hidup #Gegaria, Zon Komuniti #Gegaria, dan Zon Hiburan #Gegaria.

Festival Gegaria memulakan pendaftaran seawal pada pukul 8 pagi dan diikuti dengan aktiviti pertama iaitu Zumba #gegaria di pentas utama Gegaria. Zumba #gegaria ini turut disokong oleh aplikasi mudah alih, ‘Wanita’ sebuah aplikasi yang dicipta oleh Media Prima Digital yang sentiasa memberi inspirasi kepada kaum hawa. 

Zon ini direhatkan sehingga waktu petang untuk diteruskan dengan aktiviti-aktiviti fizikal, permainan tradisonal, dan permainan elektronik untuk belia yang gemar menguji fizikal dan mental mereka. Antaranya, Jenga Gergasi, Timbang Takraw, Ting-ting, Congkak. 

Zon Hiburan #Gegaria (#Gegaria Entertainment) merupakan tarikan yang paling dinanti-nantikan di setiap lokasi penjelajahan Festival Gegaria dengan penampilan artis-artis hit kegemaran warga milenia seantero Malaysia. 

Antara selebriti hebat yang membuat persembahan adalah Sonaone, Noh Salleh, Kugiran Masdo, Bunkface dan Nabila Razali. Bermula jam 7.00 petang, orang ramai telah mula mengerumuni bahagian hadapan pentas utama bagi mendapatkan ruang terbaik untuk menikmati konsert artis kegemaran mereka. 

Selain itu, Zon Makan-Makan #Gegaria menawarkan pelbagai Food Truck, makanan segera, makanan tradisional, serta demo masakan disediakan buat para pengunjung yang menggemari juadah-juadah yang beraneka macam sepanjang hari. 

Disamping itu, para pengunjung juga berpeluang untuk menimba resipi baharu dan bertemu secara peribadi bersama Cef Fikree Aznan dalam aktiviti Jalan-Jalan Cari Makan (JJCM).

Di Zon Throwback Tunnel #Gegaria pula merupakan lokasi terbaik untuk para pengunjung menimba inspirasi berharga tentang perkembangan negara. Membentangkan kontena yang berhias artisitik, zon ini mempamerkan seni yang menceritakan era perkembangan Malaysia bermula tahun 1950-an hingga kini, hasil kerja jurugambar The New Straits Times Press dari Pusat Sumber NSTP. 

Tidak ketinggalan juadah-juadah nostalgia disediakan di sekitar Throwback Tunnel #Gegaria ini yang pastinya membawa para pengunjung mengimbau kenangan lalu. 

Tarikan lain yang terdapat di Festival Gegaria adalah, Zon Gaya Hidup #Gegaria (#Gegaria Lifestyle). Para pengunjung berpeluang mendengar sesi perkongsian oleh selebriti-selebriti muda serta personaliti media sosial berkisarkan tips-tips menarik fesyen dan perkembangan artis terkini. Antara barisan personaliti terkenal adalah Ramona ZamZam, Point Blanc, Elfira Loy, Faizdickie, Kugiran Masdo dan Nadia Brian.

Selain itu, Festival Gegaria turut mengambil inisiatif untuk berkhidmat kembali kepada masyarakat dengan mewujudkan Zon Komuniti #Gegaria (#Gegaria Community). Di zon komuniti ini, pelbagai aktiviti disediakan selama 8 jam bermula 10.00 pagi untuk para pengunjung termasuk pemeriksaan kesihatan.

Manakala buat penggemar permainan elektronik, bergandingan dengan MyGameOn (MGO) dan Garena, Festival Gegaria turut menyediakan pertandingan sukan elektronik untuk permainan FIFA Online 3 dan merebut hadiah wang tunai bernilai RM10,000! Selain itu, terdapat juga Playstation untuk hiburan para pengunjung dan yang terkini adalah permainan Virtual Reality yang pastinya memberikan pengalaman bermain di alam maya secara peribadi. 

Festival Gegaria 2018 di Bulatan Amanjaya, Meru, Ipoh ini merupakan lokasi ke-4, dalam siri penjelajahannya selepas Shah Alam, Johor Bahru, dan Kuantan. Para pengunjung boleh mendaftar di pintu masuk Festival Gegaria ini untuk mendapatkan seutas gelang tangan sebelum mengalami hiburan dan inspirasi tanpa batas. Gelang tangan #Gegaria ini mempunyai rekaan eksklusif untuk setiap lokasi penjelajahnnya.

Bagi anda yang masih belum berpeluang hadir ke Festival Gegaria boleh hadir ke Pusat Pameran & Konvensyen Matrade, Kuala Lumpur pada 31 Mac 2018, Dataran Centrio Seremban 2, Seremban. Negeri Sembilan pada 7 April 2018 dan lokasi terakhir sebelum melabuhkan tirai di Amanjaya Mall, Sungai Petani, Kedah pada 14 April 2018. Datanglah beramai-ramai dan rasai sendiri gegaran Festival Gegaria 2018!

Untuk maklumat lanjut, para penggemar festival dan hiburan tanpa henti boleh layari laman Facebook rasmi Gegaria ‘GoGegaria’ (www.facebook.com/gogegaria) atau laman sosial Instagram @gogegaria (www.instagram.com/gogegaria). Jangan lupa juga untuk menggunakan tandapagar #gogegaria dan #KitaOK di laman sosial anda dan kongsikan pengalaman hebat anda bersama Festival Gegaria.

BERITA baik buat semua peminat Sherry Al-Hadad, program bual bicara pengacara dan pelakon 'happy go lucky' ini kembali buat musim kedua! Menariknya kali ini, Sherry akan mengendalikan program The Sherry Show & Friends bersama rakan-rakan selebritinya pada setiap minggu.

Mempunyai 12 episod, The Sherry Show & Friends bersiaran selama satu jam pada setiap hari Ahad, pukul 11.00 malam di TV3 bermula 18 Mac 2018 (Ahad). Program bual bicara yang padat dengan pelbagai segmen dan topik ini turut menampilkan pengacara bersama yang berbeza setiap minggu seperti Nabila Huda, Awal Ashaari, Sharifah Amani, Anzalna, Izzue Islam dan ramai lagi. 

Sherry dan pengacara jemputannya akan bincang tentang topik-topik menarik yang relevan dengan masyarakat kini. Selain itu, The Sherry Show & Friends juga diriuhkan lagi oleh barisan selebriti jemputan antaranya Bront Paralae, Mamat Khalid, Ebby Yus, Rozita Che Wan, Nadiya Nisa, Michael Ang, Aziz M.Osman, Nabila Razali, dan Datuk Rosyam Nor

Menurut Pengurus Besar, Pengurusan Jenama, Integrasi Digital Dan Perolehan, Rangkaian Televisyen Media Prima Berhad, Puan Zurina Othman,

“Atas kejayaan The Sherry Show musim pertama, kami kembalikan program ini dengan musim kedua sebagai tanda penghargaan kepada mereka yang tidak putus memberi sokongan.  
Bezanya kali ini, para penonton akan dihiburkan oleh Sherry dan pengacara jemputannya pada setiap minggu. Dengan itu, kami berharap orang ramai akan terus setia bersama The Sherry Show & Friends dari awal hingga akhir,”

Program bual bicara yang sudah pasti akan menghiburkan hati para penonton ini berkonsepkan santai, penuh gelak ketawa dan akan membincangkan tentang isu-isu semasa yang tular serta sedang hangat dibicarakan orang ramai. Lebih menarik lagi, Sherry Al-Hadad akan berinteraksi secara lebih eksklusif bersama para penonton menerusi beberapa segmen menarik seperti 11 Soalan, Sidekick dan Kerusi Panas. 

Antara topik-topik yang akan dibincangkan ialah Datuks, Oversized Artist, perbezaan Berlakon Drama dan Filem, Rupa Ker Bakat?, Pengarah, Artis Muda Popular, Artis Komedi, Aksi Lasak, Antagonis.

The Sherry Show & Friends merupakan terbitan Primeworks Studios yang diterajui oleh M. Samsairol Che Aman sebagai Penerbit Eksekutif dan Haizren Mohd Esa sebagai Penerbit. 

The Sherry Show
Episod: 12 
Hari: Ahad
Masa: 10.00
Saluran: TV3 

26 Mac 2018


MEREKA berdua memang akrab sejak kecil. Dia sering dibandingkan dengan abangnya yang dilihat sebagai seorang anak yang soleh di mata ibu bapanya. 

Abangnya seorang yang berbudi bahasa dan bijak menguruskan bisnes keluarga manakala si adik pula bersikap tidak serius dan sering menghabiskan masa untuk bersuka ria. Sayangnya indah khabar daripada rupa, abang yang disanjungi hanyalah malaikat di hadapan orang tua dan adiknya terpaksa berkorban demi menutup aib abangnya. 

Terbaharu di slot Akasia, siri drama 13 episod ZAHIR TAK TERUCAP terbitan Zamriez Golden Pictures, arahan oleh Mohd Fazli Yahya dengan nukilan skrip oleh Wan Mahani Wan Hassan telah bermula disiarkan pada 27 Mac 2018, setiap hari Isnin hingga Jumaat, pukul 7.00 malam. 

Drama bersiri ini membariskan pelakon – pelakon hebat tanah air seperti Saharul Ridzwan (Hisyam), Raysha Rizrose (Aisyah), Aeril Zafrel (Haziq), Chacha Maembong (Aireen), Esma Daniel (Razak), Farisha Irwayu (Noraini), Idris Mat Diah (Nordin) dan Rosnah Johari (Zaharah). 

Hisyam baru tamat pengajian dan Haziq, abangnya meraikan dengan membawanya bercuti di sebuah pulau peranginan. Di situ, Hisyam berkenalan dengan seorang gadis penjual nasi lemak, Aisyah yang periang dan peramah. Hubungan Hisyam dan Aisyah bukan sahaja dilarang oleh ibu bapa Aisyah tetapi juga dibenci oleh Lokman yang sudah lama menyimpan niat untuk mengambil Aisyah sebagai isteri. 

Pada malam terakhir di situ, Hisyam terkejut melihat Haziq bersama perempuan dalam keadaan mabuk. Tanpa rasa bersalah, Haziq meminta Hisyam merahsiakan perangainya jika tidak mahu Razak dan Noraini jatuh sakit. Sejak itu, Hisyam sering bergaduh dengan Haziq kerana tidak mahu bersubahat.  

Sehingga satu hari, Haziq sakit dan ditahan di wad kerana jangkitan kuman di paru-paru dan otak. Haziq terkejut dan tidak dapat terima bahawa dia akan mati. Ketika Haziq semakin lemah, dia meluahkan penyesalannya dan meninggalkan permintaan terakhir yang membuatkan Haziq tergamam. 

Apakah yang telah berlaku sehingga Haziq terpaksa berkorban menjadi kambing hitam dan mengakui segala kejahatan Haziq demi menutup aib arwah abangnya?  

Zahir Tak Terucap
Episod: 13
Hari: Isnin hingga Jumaat
Masa: 7.00 Malam
Saluran: TV3 
Terbitan: Zamriez Golden Pictures
Arahan: Mohd Fazli Yahya 
Pelakon: Saharul Ridzwan,Raysha Rizrose, Aeril Zafrel, Chacha Maembong, Esma Daniel, Farisha Irwayu, Idris Mat Diah, Rosnah Johari 


PERASAAN teruja menyambut kehadiran Siti Aafiyah, puteri sulung Datuk Seri Siti Nurhaliza dan Datuk Khalid Muhamad Jiwa tentunya masih lagi hangat dan menjadi bualan ramai.

Semoga Siti Aafiyah membesar sebagai anak yang solehah dan menyenangkan kedua ibu bapa dan orang sekeliling.

Di sini kami ingin berkongsi foto-foto menarik Majlis Maulid Nabi, Aqiqah dan Tahnik yang diadakan bersempena hari ketujuh kelahiran Siti Aafiyah di kediaman kedua orang tuanya semalam,

Foto ini diambil daripada laman Instagram ibunya, @ctdk.

[CREDIT PHOTO: Instagram Datuk Seri Siti Nurhaliza]