4 Jul 2020


AHEAD of the highly anticipated release of the Netflix Original Series Ju-On:Origins a haunting clip reveals a scene of Haruka (Yuina Kuroshima), a young actress, and Haruka’s boyfriend, Tetsuya (Kai Inowaki), in a harrowing encounter with a woman in white. 

In the dead of night, Haruka hears mysterious footsteps and records the sounds on a cassette tape to be sent to Odajima, a paranormal investigator. Odajima hears these footsteps and a muffled voice of a woman on the tape and instantly becomes intrigued by the haunting phenomenon. 

Meanwhile, Tetsuya is filled with fear and soon confesses to Haruka that he has visited the cursed house before. Then, the couple hears stomping footsteps coming from the bedroom. Tetsuya pulls himself together and heads to the bedroom to pinpoint the mysterious noises but there is nothing there….

He sighs in relief. He turns towards Haruka who is standing in the living room and notices a strange being walking towards him. As he catches his breath, a long-haired woman in a white dress appears before him and he hears the muffled voice of a woman, the very same voice on the cassette tape. 

Yuina Kuroshima will be reprising her role as Haruka for the third time in Ju-On: Origins, following Ju-On: The Beginning of the End (2014) and Ju-On: The Final Curse (2015). Regarding the upcoming film, she shares her excitement on her involvement in the project even before filming began, 

“This film involves a complex story with various timelines and characters so I felt the pressure to make sure the story is told well. I also fell in love with my character, Haruka, so I couldn’t wait for filming to start!” 

Kai Inowaki, who plays Tetsuya, started his career as a child actor and has established himself in the world of film with Naotora: The Lady Warlord, a historical drama series. He also directed and wrote the screenplay for the independent film, Kotoba no Iranai Ai (Love that Needs No Words). 

Netflix Original series:
JU-ON: Origins (6 episodes)
Sho Miyake
Yoshiyoshi Arakawa, Yuina Kuroshima, Ririka, Koki Osamura, Seiko Iwaido, Kai Inowaki, Tei Ryushin, Yuya Matsuura, Kaho Tsuchimura, Tokio Emoto, Nobuko Sendo, Kana Kurashina
Hiroshi Takahashi and Takashige Ichise
Executive Producer:
Toshinori Yamaguchi (NBCUniversal Entertainment Japan), Kazutaka Sakamoto (Netflix)
Takashige Ichise, Mikihiko Hirata
Kuniaki Haishima, Photography: Hidetoshi Shinomiya, Lighting: Hidenori Nagata, Art: Tatsuo Ozeki, Audio: Masato Komatsu, Sound effects: Kenji Shibasaki, Editing: Yoshifumi Fukazawa, Visual effects: Hajime Matsumoto, Modelling: Screaming Mad George

[CREDIT: Netflix]

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