28 Jun 2018


BASED on the book with the same title, Eiffel I'm in Love tells the story about a teenage girl, Tita, who led a perfect life. she had a lovely family, a patient boyfriend and 2 best friends who are always by her side. 

However, her mother was overly protective towards her and she is not allowed to go out. Her life completely changes when her parents good friend and his son, Adith, came from France to stay with them. 

Tita was supposed to pick both of them from the airport. However, she waited at the wrong terminal and only realized that when Adith accidentally bumped into her and asked her whether she was the one who supposed to picked him and his father up. 

Adith was very cold to Tita from the start, however, her parents saw him as a reliable man and trust him to take care of their daughter. Things became worse when Adith told Tita that their parents were planning to match make them.


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