1 Jun 2018


CARTOON Network (Astro Channel 616) will be kick-starting your June with some summer fun! Fans can beat the heat with Animate Your Life, featuring new episodes and special marathons every day at 9.00am.

Aside from this, our fun-loving audience audience can look forward to more laughter with the new seasons of SuperNoobs premiering 9th June (Saturday) @ 10.30am, Oggy & The Cockroaches premiering 2nd June (Saturday) @ 4.00pm and Rat-A-Tat premiering 3rd June (Sundays) @ 9.30am.

We will also be running special themes such as We Bare Bear’s Baby Special on 15th June (Friday) @ 10.00am and Toon Cup, where Cartoon Network will catch the sports fever every weekend from 10th June (Sunday) @ 2.00pm.


WE BARE BEARS| Baby Bears Special
15th June, Friday 10am

Our favourite Baby Bears are back cuter than ever! Three bear siblings Grizzly, Panda and Ice Bear awkwardly attempt to assimilate into human society. It's obvious that being a bear in the modern world is tough but at least they have each other.  In order to win a pizza, the Baby Bears play basketball against a ragtag gang of kids. In Bearz II Men, the Baby Bears help a teenager accomplish his dream of being a famous singer.

ANIMATE YOUR LIFE | New Episodes + Marathons
Starts 1st June, every day at 9am

Cartoon Network is diving into a month of summer fun as we beat the heat with Animate Your Life, featuring new episodes followed by a marathon of the best CN shows every day! So grab on to your shades and get your swimsuits ready because we are in for a summer treat as CN takes kids to an epic weekly fun!


SUPERNOOBS | Brand New Season
From 9th June, weekends at 10.30am

It’s more super chillin’, more super villains and more super battleball action as the Supernoobs begin to master their powers! Noob training is almost complete, and the superhero team is ready to take on Count Venamus and the Creators with a new attitude, new powers, and all new episodes! It won’t be easy, the Creators have stepped up their game since realizing Earth may be hiding a secret ancient weapon that could wipe out the space virus. Count Venamus and his new super tough Mech-Army are ready to destroy the hidden Earth power – and the Supernoobs – unless they can defeat him first.

TOON CUP| Sports Themed Stunt
From 10th June, weekends at 2pm

It’s soccer season again and Cartoon Network has caught sports fever with Toon Cup! Give your bellies a workout from all the laughter as our comedy superstars compete in the silliest and most ridiculous challenges! Back-to-back sports-themed episodes from Teen Titans Go!, The Amazing World of Gumball, Mighty Magiswords and more!

From 2nd June, weekends at 4pm

Oggy has relentlessly battled three horrible cockroaches. They not only squat his home, they squat his whole life! You think this is THE battle of the modern era ?! Think twice. Jack tries to take his cousin with him to practice a manly and healthy sport: rock climbing.  As for Oggy, he much rather prefers climbing the ladder in his library. What he doesn’t know, is that the cockroaches have taken up residence there!

RAT-A-TAT | Brand New Season
From 3rd June, Sundays at 9.30am

Rat-A-Tat is a hyper-energy show packed with crazy chase sequences and character casualties ! Don, a darling house-dog is at war with Charly, Marly & Larry – the mice trio that has set camp in his house. Don’s ally and only aide is his brother Colonel, an ex-army dog. He may be smarter than Don, but certainly no match for the terrific trio.


Available May 2018

Compete with your favourite Cartoon Network characters and represent your country in the global leaderboards in this exciting toon soccer game!

Available iTunes App Store, Google Play Store & Amazon App Store

Available June 2018

Match-3 puzzle game with story-based missions featuring the Bears cleaning up their home and the surrounding areas.  The We Bare Bears’ IP will expand the traditional target of the match-3 puzzle genre to a younger and wider global market.  The attractiveness of the characters and their exciting episodes will provide strong context, connecting the puzzle game-play and the missions on the world-map.

Available iTunes App Store & Google Play Store

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