2 Jan 2018


THE original six-part crime thriller, RELLIK, premieres on Saturday February 3 at 1pm, with a same day primetime encore at 10pm, exclusively on CINEMAX (Astro Ch 412). RELLIK airs immediately after the 12pm premiere of the returning CINEMAX action series, STRIKE BACK Season 5, back-to-back and exclusively on CINEMAX (Astro Ch 412). 

New episodes debut every Saturday at the same time. Both series will also be available on HBO On Demand (via Astro GO). Richard Dormer (HBO’s “Game Of Thrones”), Jodi Balfour (CINEMAX’s “Quarry”), Paterson Joseph (HBO’s “The Leftovers”) and Michael Wildman (“London Has Fallen”) star in this series. 

Focusing on a serial killer, RELLIK begins with the capture of the suspect and moves backwards in time to the crime itself, gradually unravelling the truth. Richard Dormer plays Gabriel, an obsessive and disfigured UK police detective, and Jodi Balfour plays Elaine, his bright and intense partner. As Gabriel’s personal and professional lives unfurl alongside a thrilling chase to catch a brutal killer, RELLIK explores the very nature of motivation and how our pasts make us who we are. 

About the Characters:

Confident, attractive and intelligent, Gabriel Markham (Richard Dormer) is a traditional alpha-male, until the moment his world comes crashing down in the aftermath of a brutal attack. A brave and highly commended police officer, Gabriel has a self-destructive streak that has led to years of drinking, drugs and womanizing.

Elaine Shepard’s (Jodi Balfour) natural intelligence, combined with her warmth and determined intensity, make her a skilled detective. Newly transferred to Gabriel’s team, the two of them have an undeniable connection, and as he starts to unravel over the course of the serial killer investigation, Elaine continues to support him, protecting him from the worst of himself.

A professional psychiatrist, Isaac Taylor (Paterson Joseph) uses his warm, calm and collected demeanor to win the trust of his patients. He is intelligent and extremely observant, but suffers from extreme OCD. Isaac has a lofty impression of his chosen profession – bordering on a savior complex – and believes that by delving into people’s dark pasts, he is fixing them and making the world a better place.

Quietly imposing, Martin Brook (Michael Wildman) is a reassuring presence in the station, particularly for Gabriel, who trusts him more than any of his other colleagues. He works hard and methodically, and he does things by the book, meaning that he finds some of Gabriel’s more unorthodox methods of policing uncomfortable to witness.

Episodes include:

Episode #1
Debut date: Saturday, February 3 at 1pm on CINEMAX (Astro Ch 412) 

Gabriel Markham (Richard Dormer) and his team are working to find a serial killer, when a break in the case leads them to a potential culprit. Gabriel is torn between his conviction that they already know who the killer is, and the seemingly irrefutable evidence found at the last murder scene. Meanwhile, there are fears that Gabriel’s intimate connection to the case may be skewing his professional ability to track down the perpetrator, and his personal relationships continue to impact on his work as he is given an ultimatum to face.

Episode #2
Debut date: Saturday, February 10 at 1pm on CINEMAX (Astro Ch 412) 

Gabriel comes face-to-face with the prime suspect in the serial murders, but his deep, personal connection to the case could risk jeopardising his career. As a dangerous game of cat and mouse ramps up to a shocking climax, Gabriel begins to lose control. Meanwhile, Elaine (Jodi Balfour) is battling her own demons as she deals with a close bereavement, which draws her away from the case at the same time as other personal relationships within the team are pushed to breaking point.

Episode #3
Debut date: Saturday, February 17 at 1pm on CINEMAX (Astro Ch 412)

Back at work for the first time since his own attack, Gabriel and the team are dealing with the fact that another body has been discovered, seemingly the work of the acid attack serial killer. While questions are raised about Gabriel’s suitability to be leading this case, the rest of his team have to step up to the plate and continue the investigation when he is called away on a personal mission that strikes straight to the heart of his family. Gabriel’s struggle to balance his personal relationships with the women in his life threatens to jeopardise the safety of his daughter as he finds himself faced with a father’s worst nightmare. Meanwhile, another suspect in the serial killer case emerges, but when we finally see the truth of the brutal murder, it is more shocking than anyone could have imagined.

The series will also be available on HBO On Demand (via Astro GO).

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