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Top trending Google searches in Malaysia for June 2024

MALAYSIA's trending searches in June buzzed with a vibrant mix of interests. Sporting events took centre stage, followed closely behind by cultural celebrations and the latest in entertainment.

1. India vs Bangladesh/South Africa vs Nepal/T20 World Cup

In the T20 World Cup, India thumped Bangladesh by 50 runs (196 vs 146) with Hardik Pandya's fifty leading the charge and securing the team a spot in the semi-finals. South Africa survived a scare, edging Nepal by 1 run (115 vs 114).

2. Germany vs Scotland/Belgium vs Slovakia/UEFA Euro 2024

Germany kicked off Euro 2024 with a bang, defeating Scotland 5-1 in Munich. Conversely, Belgium endured a disappointing opening match in Frankfurt, falling surprisingly to Slovakia by a narrow 1-0 margin despite controlling possession for much of the encounter.

3. 墨雨云间 (The Double)

This Chinese historical drama follows the story of Xue Fang Fei, a woman seeking revenge against those who wronged her, as she becomes entangled in political intrigue and finds love amidst the chaos.

4. Indonesia Open 2024

The Indonesia Open 2024 saw the national men’s doubles pair, Man Wei Chong and Tee Kai Wun, conclude their impressive week with a runner-up finish after losing to China’s Liang Wei Keng and Wang Chang.

5. Dragon Boat Festival

Celebrated on June 10 this year, the festival is a significant cultural celebration to commemorate the scholar and poet Qu Yuan, and often revolves around dragon boat racing competitions.

6. Malaysia vs Chinese Taipei/Kyrgyzstan vs Malaysia

Battling for a World Cup qualifying spot, Malaysia displayed their resilience in a thrilling 1-1 draw against Kyrgyzstan on June 6. They followed this strong performance with a dominant 3-1 victory over Chinese Taipei on June 11.

7. Copa America 2024

Avid football fans were glued to their screens, following every twist and turn of the Copa America 2024 tournament that kicked off on June 20, and cheering on their favourite teams.

8. Hari Arafah

While the Hajj pilgrimage itself takes place in Mecca, Hari Arafah is observed by Muslims worldwide as a day for repentance, reflecting on their shortcomings, seeking forgiveness, and being kind to others by giving charity.

9. Ultraman: Rising

The animated action-adventure film Ultraman: Rising tells the story of a former baseball star who inherits the mantle of the legendary Ultraman superhero and faces a unique challenge: raising the offspring of his greatest enemy.

10. Inside Out 2

Inside Out 2 explores how Riley, now a teenager, navigates new emotions like shyness and jealousy alongside her familiar feelings from the first movie, and how she tackles these complexities that shapes her identity.

How do you define trending?

The trending terms are searches that had the biggest spike in traffic over a period of one month compared to the previous month. These are not the most popular or most searched terms. Trending terms generally better identify what people were curious about in a specific month. - 7KLIK 

[PHOTO CREDITS: Google Malaysia]

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