2 Ogo 2018


STANDARD Chartered recently thanked generations of families and valued clients for their continued trust in the bank through the years through an event titled Connecting Generations. 

Though it is a global banking group, the Malaysian franchise continues to remain relevant by identifying with the aspirations of clients and the needs of the nation.

Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Standard Chartered Malaysia, AbrarAnwar said, 

“Through our 143-year history in Malaysia, we remain connected and relevantthrough the generations. Many of our clients today have come to expect a personalised, interactive and immediate relationship with their bank. 
"We understand this and continue to provide products and services to help companies prosper and individuals to grow, protect and manage their wealth – be it through our international network, comprehensive product suite, advisory services or digital banking features.”

Benjamin Yong, Founder and Group CEO of the BIG Group and his mother Helen Read, Founder of Ms Read boutique, shared their story during a forum moderated by Kassandra Kassim, CEO and Editor-in-Chief of Unreserved magazine.

Helen Read says, 

“Not listening and being on different wavelengths is the biggest stumbling block between generations. We need to learn to treat everyone with respect, and listen with our hearts because ultimately, we may end up pushing people away if we don’t do that”, echoing the Bank’s stance on the need to listen to clients to form deep long-term relationships.

Father and son chefs, Datuk Nik Ezar and Nik Michael Imran were also on the forum and spoke about the need to do the right thing even though it may not be the most popular thing. Datuk Nik Ezar believed that this was the most important lesson to be passed down to his children. 

This is closely aligned to the Bank’s belief in upholding integrity across generations, always doing the right thing for the communities the Bank operates in and is a testament that clients believe in brands that share the same values as them.

The Bank began its operations in Malaysia with its first branch in Penang in 1875. Today, it is one of the world’s leading trade banks with a presence in over 60 markets. Through its history, technology has been a key pillar of the Bank’s strategy and it is fast transforming to become a digital, agile and lean bank with a human touch. 

This means giving clients a suite of digital banking features for convenient banking on the go, while giving them the option to walk into a branch when they need more advice, helping multi-generations fulfil their ambitions in life.

[CREDIT: Chartered Bank Malaysia’s Islamic Banking]

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