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Korean action thriller No Way Out: The Roulette to debut July 31 on Disney+ Hotstar

HOW much would it cost for you to commit murder? This summer eight civilians will find out in No Way Out: The Roulette, a fictional new Korean action thriller debuting July 31 on Disney+ Hotstar.

After serving 13 years for committing a series of heinous crimes, Korea’s most hated man, Kim Gukho, is released on parole.

Outraged by his release, one mysterious citizen offers a ₩20 billion ($14 million) bounty to anyone who can track down and kill the notorious criminal.

Targeted by a growing number of desperate citizens, Kim Gookho will have to put his faith in his police protection team if he hopes to survive.

Starring Jo Jinwoong (Signal) as police officer Baek Joongsik; Yoo Chaemyung (Uncle Samsik) as murderer Kim Gukho; Kim Mooyul (Grid) as Lee Sangbong; Yum Jungah (SKY Castle) as Ahn Myeongja; Sung Yubeen (Mr. Sunshine) as Kim Dongha; Hsu Kwanghan (Someday or One Day) as Mr.Smile; Lee Kwangsoo (Sinkhole) as Yoon Changjae and Kim Sungcheol (Our Beloved Summer) as Seong Junu.

No Way Out: The Roulette is produced by Studio X+U, written by Lee Sujin (The Devil’s Deal) and directed by Choi Kookhee (Default) and Lee Hubin.

Find out how much morality costs when No Way Out: The Roulette debuts July 31 on Disney+ Hotstar. - 7KLIK


[CREDITS: Disney+ Hotstar - Marissa Iman]

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