THIS August, Oh!K (Astro Ch 394) is bringing fans of Korean Entertainment a new drama! Iron Daughters-In-Law premieres on Friday, 16th August and will air every Tuesdays to Fridays @ 9pm. 

The new drama revolves around a widowed housewife who was not able to conceive a child with her husband while he was still alive. He dies and she is blamed by her mother-in-law for not being able to bear a son who will carry the family name. This drama follows her journey as she goes through guilt and endures life.

Aside from that, there will also be two season finales airing this month. Secret and Lies airs its finale on 15th August, Thursday @ 9pm and Love in Sadness on 26th August, Monday @ 7.50pm. K-drama fans looking for their daily K-fix also can continue to follow 100 Year Legacy which airs Mondays – Fridays @ 11pm, Welcome 2 Life which airs Tuesdays – Wednesdays @ 7.50pm and Golden Garden which airs Sundays @ 7.20pm.

For Hari Raya Haji, Oh!K will celebrating with a Starry Weekend special which will run from Friday, 9th August to Monday, 12th August. During this long weekend, families can enjoy awesome specials with star-studded guest stars such as 2018 Korean Music Festival and We Bare Bears x Monsta X Special airing during that period.

With this, please find as appended Oh!K’s August 2019 programming information for your TV listing. 

Tues – Fri, 9pm

Oh Yeong-shim (Shin Ae-ra) is an excellent cook and runs the household superbly. With her down-to-earth, friendly personality, she is liked by almost everyone. But she has had difficulties in conceiving a child for years with her husband. 

Tragedy befalls her when her husband dies in a car accident. Widowed and lonely, she is also blamed by her mother-in-law for not bearing a son who will carry the family name. Ridden with guilt due to her shortcomings as a woman, wife and daughter-in-law, she finds it hard to endure life...This drama depicts the lives of two destined individuals who both live in Seoul but lead very different life experiences.

Cast : Shin Ae-ra,Kang Boo-ja, Kim Bo-yun, Lee Honey

Thurs, 9pm

After twenty years, three women who share a terrible secret are reunited after coincidentally moving into the same apartment building. Finding out they all have something in common - their sneaky and unfaithful husbands, they band together to get revenge!

Cast : Seo Hae Won, Kim Kyung Nam, Oh Seung Ah, Lee Joong Moon

Mon, 7.50pm

Yoon Ma-ri (Park Han-byul) is in an unhappy marriage with Kang In-wook (Ryu Soo-young), an abusive and obsessive husband who is also a chaebol. She meets Seo Jung-won (Ji Hyun-woo), a kind-hearted plastic surgeon. After seeing the abuse she receives, Seo Jung-won operates on her face to help her start a new life with a new identity.

Cast : Ji Hyun-woo, Park Han-byul, Ryu Soo-young, Wang Bit-na

Mon – Fri, 11pm

Min Chae-won is the eldest granddaughter of a family living in the outskirts of Seoul who has been running a noodle factory for three generations. Married for three years to Chul-gyu, whose rich family owns the major corporation Golden Dragon Food, Chae-won has a difficult life because her mother-in-law fiercely opposes them and will not accept her. 

When her husband cheats on her, she detaches herself from her in-laws and decides to divorce him. Her mother-in-law has her falsely committed to a mental institution as revenge for the divorce. She returns to the noodle factory and struggles to modernize and expand it. Chae-won later meets Lee Se-yoon, the son of a wealthy household, who is infamous for his disparaging treatment of all those around him. They both nurse wounds from their past romantic relationships.

Cast : Eugene, Lee Jung Jin, Choi Won Young, Yoon A-Jung

Tues – Wed, 7.50pm

Lee Jae-Sang (Rain) is a lawyer at JK Law Firm, which is one of the biggest law firms in South Korea. He is an excellent lawyer, but he only cares about winning for his benefit. One day, he has a mysterious car accident and he is drawn into a parallel world. 

There, Lee Jae-Sang finds himself working as a prosecutor. He is strict in carrying out the law. He is married to Ra Shi-On (Lim Ji-Yeon), who loves Lee Jae-Sang and is faithful to him. In the world where Lee Jae-Sang came from, he broke up with Ra Shi-On ten years earlier and Ra Shi-On works as a detective. Lee Jae-Sang struggles to cope with his different selves.

Cast : Rain, Lim Ji Yeon, Kwak Si Yang

Sun, 7.20pm

Eun Dong-Joo (Han Ji-Hye) attempts to get back her stolen life. When she was 6 years-old, she was abandoned at an orphanage. She did not remember anything except her name. Despite her difficult environment, she has grown into a woman with a positive and bright personality. 

Cha Pil-Seung (Lee Sang-Woo) is a detective, who is good at his job. His parents died when he was young and he was then raised by his wealthy grandmother. Even though he is popular with women, he doesn't fall in love with anyone due to trauma from his parents' deaths.

Cast : Han Ji-Hye, Lee Sang-Woo, Oh Ji-Eun, Lee Tae-Sung


Sun, 9.25pm

Up until now, there has not been a club like this one. The Love Me Actually club is a unique gathering of five, charming, single men, still in their quest of finding a genuine love. The five men meet other single women that join the club voluntarily to escape their dull and jaded lives. 

The club takes them to different destinations all over the country and gives them a chance to get to know each other. And who knows, maybe exploring new places might unknowingly spark that love they all desire. 

The five eligible bachelors consist of the comic Heo Kyeong Hwan, the business savvy entrepreneur Park Sung Kwang, the rapper from INFINITE Dong Woo, the irresistible smiley Yang Se Chan, and the youngest of them all, the up-and-coming star actor Kim Min Kyu. 

Join them and the hosts in this real romance variety show and experience the endless laughter, the awkwardness, and the affection each one of them has to offer. Maybe you should volunteer to join, who will be the one to make your heart flutter?

Cast: Heo Kyung Hwan, Park Sung Kwang, Kim Min Kyu, Yang Se Chan

Sun, 10.50pm

Get an inside look at the everyday lives of your favourite celebrities and their personal lives.

Cast: Jun Hyun-moo, Kian 84, Lee Si-eon, Park Na-rae, Yoon Hyun-min, Sung Hoon


9 August, Friday:
9.00am (8.00am JKT) – We Bare Bears x Monsta X Special (Man/Eng Dub available)
9.30am (8.30am JKT) – 2018 Korean Music Festival
1.15pm (12.15pm JKT) – King of Masked Singer: Idol Special (All New, 3 episodes back-to-back)

10 August, Saturday:
1.30pm (12.30pm JKT) – Star of the Universe (3 episodes back-to-back)
5.00pm (4.00pm JKT) – Sleeping Witch
6.10pm (5.10pm JKT) – Welcome 2 Life (8 episodes back-to-back)

11 August, Sunday:
1.30pm (12.30pm JKT) – Queen of the Ring (3 episodes back-to-back)
5.00pm (4.00pm JKT) – Item (4 episodes back-to-back)

12 August, Monday:
1.30pm (12.30pm JKT) – 2019 Idol Star Athletics Championships (4 episodes back-to-back)


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