Korean crime drama, Crash to debut May 13 On Disney+ Hotstar

WHEN a sub-unit within the police force is shunned by everyone and reports to no one, the team will work tirelessly to prove their superiority and save the day in Crash, a new Korean crime drama coming May 13 to Disney+ Hotstar.

Repeatedly ignored by the rest of the force and considered a joke by many, the Traffic Crime Investigation (TCI) Team have long suffered in obscurity. But when a genius new team member joins the team, their fortunes begin to change.

A top mathematician with impeccable looks and next to no social skills, Cha Yeonho is the team newbie helping to turn things around. Able to simulate the exact cause of an accident using only the facts and his impressive cognitive abilities, Yeonho rapidly puts the team on the map, but when an incident from his past comes back to haunt him, Yeonho could once again cause TCI to fall from grace.

Starring Lee Minki (My Liberation Diary, Behind Your Touch) as the new team inspector Cha Yeonho; Kwak Sunyoung (Moving, Hospital Playlist) as team leader Min Sohee; and Heo Sungtae (Big Bet, Squid Game) as Jung Chaeman, the head of the Traffic Crime Investigation Unit.

is directed by Park Junwoo (Taxi Driver, Doctor Detective). Stream Crash starting May 13, on Disney+ Hotstar. - 7KLIK 

[PHOTO: Disney+ Hotstar - Thanks Marissa Iman]

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