Soaring into the year of The Dragon: Must-watch shows

XIN Nian Kuai Le! Chinese New Year is just around the corner, and that means family reunions, scrumptious meals, and for some of us… the inevitable dose of drama.

This festive season, bring your loved ones together to enjoy compelling on-screen dramas and immerse yourselves in worlds of fantasy, mystery, and magic! If you prefer solitude, you can always binge-watch an incredible curation of Asian shows by yourself.

The choice is yours – either way, let’s make this New Year memorable and fun for all.

Raya and The Last Dragon

In this heart-wrenching film about friendship, betrayal, and love, a courageous princess embarks on a quest to save her world from the Druun – a dark force that turns all living beings to stone. As Princess Raya seeks the last dragon, believed to have the powers to restore peace, she finds herself surrounded by friends who want to do the same, and one enemy who will stop at nothing to see the world destroyed.

More than just an inspiring narrative, Raya and The Last Dragon pays homage to Southeast Asian influences, including landscapes, architecture, clothing, and martial arts in a stunning visual representation. Featuring the voices of Kelly Marie Tran, Awkwafina, Gemma Chan, and more, this Disney princess animation will take you on an epic adventure.

Dragons of Wonderhatch

A unique film that marries animation and real-life scenes, Dragons of Wonderhatch follows protagonist Nagi, a high-school girl with fantastical dreams, where magic fills the air and dragons fly through the sky.

What happens when Nagi’s dream world collides with reality? Through what can only be described as a tear in the matrix, she finds herself sucked into Upananta, a parallel universe on the brink of destruction, where evil forces also threaten to destroy Earth.

Now, Nagi must try to save both Upananta and the Earth, and thankfully, her loyal friends are ready to help. Starring Nakajima Sena as Nagi, Daiken Okudaira as Tyme, and recently awarded Global Groundbreaker and Hollywood rising star, Mackenyu as Akuta, this mystical tale is perfect for all ages! Soar into a world of dragons, war, and hope this Chinese New Year.

Fresh Off The Boat

Fresh Off The Boat serves up a delightful blend of comedy, family antics, and Asian American experiences. The sitcom revolves around 12-year-old Eddie Huang as he navigates the challenges of trying to be perceived as 'cool' in Louisiana.

Viewers will get to know more about the comical Huang Family, including Louis, Eddie’s dad, who embraces all things American and owns a cowboy-themed restaurant. Meanwhile, Eddie’s mom Jessica is quite the opposite, preferring to stick to her Taiwanese roots. Younger brothers Emery and Evan add a dash of fun to the family dynamic, as they are both star students with personalities and interests of their own.

Sit back, relax, and get ready for a dose of the ever-alluring American Dream – with a funny side.

Ip Man 1-4

Wing Chun martial arts grandmaster Ip Man was known as a sifu to many students, including the legendary Bruce Lee — but his journey was far from easy.

Set in 1930s China, the historical Chinese film follows the grandmaster’s life during the second Japanese invasion. Wanting to keep a low profile, Ip Man lived a life of solitude and pacifism. However, as the Japanese occupation intensified, he was forced to step up and literally fight to survive.

With courage and spirit in the face of adversity, Ip Man rises to become a symbol of hope and strength in the devastating war. Starring Hong Kong’s top action star Donnie Yen, fans of both history and martial arts will surely enjoy this movie.

The Golden Spoon

Poor high school student Seung Cheon dreams of acquiring money and status someday to escape poverty. Coincidentally, 'golden spoon' Hwang Tae-yong – a teenager born into privilege and wealth – has both.

When he bumps into a mysterious old woman, Seung Cheon buys an enchanted golden spoon that would allow him to exchange lives with Tae-yong. There’s a catch, though – if he wants to, Seung Cheon is only given three chances to reverse this change.

Starring the affable Yook Sung-jae as Seung Choon, our protagonist learns that the grass isn’t always greener on the richer side, and faces the grave consequences that follow.

Flex x Cop

A cop show with a twist, Flex x Cop presents the story of Jin Isoo, a third-generation chaebol – a person with generational wealth – who takes on a job as a police officer at the Violent Crimes Unit. Armed with a strong sense of justice, Isoo uses his connections, power, and wealth to catch high-ranking criminals in unorthodox ways.

Crimes Unit leader Ganghyun is skeptical of Isoo at first, but the two soon form an alliance, realising that teamwork makes the dream work when it comes to taking down the bad guys.

Unexpected Business in California

Have you ever dreamed of opening a store with a friend? Unexpected Business In California gives us a realistic glimpse into the American Dream, when two city boys Zo In Sung and Cha Tae Hyun are tasked with running a supermarket for ten days in the small town of Monterey, California.

As they overcome different challenges inherent in the business, In Sung and Tae Hyun uncover lessons in friendship, kindness, and hard work while transforming the supermarket into a neighborhood success.

A Shop For Killers

In A Shop For Killers, college student Jeong Jian lives with her friendly uncle Jinman, who owns a shopping mall. However, as she ventures away to pursue her studies, she is confronted with the shocking news of her uncle's demise and becomes unwittingly entangled with a lethal group of assassins.

Upon returning home Jian unravels her uncle’s dangerous secret: the shopping mall was a front for the covert sale of weapons to professional killers, and now they want her dead. The innocent Jian is forced to confront her new reality and tries to remember the lessons her uncle taught her so she could survive this sinister world.

Starring South Korean sweetheart Kim Hye-Jun and industry heartthrob Lee Dong-Wook, K-drama fans will have a field day with this action-packed thriller filled with machine guns, suspenseful fights, and exciting car chases.

Usher in the Year of the Dragon with a sprinkle of magic, comedy, and mystery when you watch all of these shows and more, now streaming on Disney+ Hotstar.  - 7KLIK

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