Which K-Drama ‘Oppa’ would you take home for the holidays? 5 charming K-Drama ‘Oppas’ to dream about this Christmas

WHILE the holiday season brings us joy and gifts, it can also unwrap a number of awkward questions at family gatherings about the status of our relationships - especially for singles. If you use escapism to cope with the pressure, then let us help you immerse yourself into the enchanting world of Korean dramas.

Here, we can find the ideal leading man to bring home for the holidays and turn our festive celebrations into a heartwarming, romantic escapade.

1. Kim Jiyong - Vigilante

Known as a ‘dark hero,’ Kim Jiyong possesses a compelling mix of traits that make him an enigmatic individual to meet your family for the holidays. He’s both intelligent and determined – the perfect man to swoon over, especially once you find out that he’s driven by a strong sense of justice.

A model student at the police academy by day and a true vigilante punishing criminals by night – Jiyong asserts dominance and takes matters into his own hands to uphold equity in a world that’s not always fair.

With Jiyong, you know you’re set for life, with his unwavering dedication to pursuing whatever he sets his mind to, which now includes your happiness. And hey, you know he’d even kill for you.

2. Ji Suho - Soundtrack #2

Thoughtful, dedicated, and caring, Ji Suho is the man you want to introduce to mum and dad this Christmas. His commitment is evident when he plans a relaxing trip for piano teacher, Hyeonseo, all so that she could take a break from work. When planning your Christmas trip home, you’d best believe he’s already got it all figured out - from the itinerary, the road trip playlist, and even your favourite snacks for the long drive.

His work ethic is just as admirable, as his hard work sees him become a successful YouTuber, establishing his own agency to help grow and nurture other budding artists. But what truly sets Suho apart is the fact he can’t hide his emotions, so you always know where you stand. An intriguing individual, Suho will surely receive your parents’ blessings when they realise you’re in the best hands.

3. K - Soundtrack #2

If golden retriever energy is your thing, look to K. Rain or shine, this leading man will walk you home every day with a cheerful grin. Often relying on his instincts, K is refreshingly open and honest in his interactions, infusing every moment with a sense of positivity.

While his approach to life might differ from the norm, his contagious enthusiasm makes him an instant favourite at any holiday gathering. Before you know it, your curious loved ones will be asking a different question, like “When are you and K going to tie the knot?”

4. Cha Jinwoo - Tell Me That You Love Me

Meet Cha Jinwoo – the warmhearted man who would gently drape a blanket over you after you’ve fallen asleep on a couch. Jinwoo embodies gentle resilience, making him a wonderful addition to any holiday gathering. Despite facing prejudice due to his hearing impairment, he exudes an easygoing nature, expressing his thoughts through art and finding solace in his own quiet world. His sentimental side shines through his actions, such as his poignant visit to the orphanage of his childhood, honouring the memory of a little girl who succumbed to a severe illness.

Jinwoo’s serenity makes him the perfect K-drama lead to bring home for the holidays, lending you the patience to deal with the hustle and bustle of the season with a smile.

5. Yoo Jeong Jae - Maestra: Strings of Truth

Yoo Jeong Jae's presence during the holiday season might just be an unexpected treasure waiting to be discovered. Initially exuding a relaxed aura, beneath his calm exterior lies a man of remarkable depth and insight.

Perceptive by nature, Jeong Jae has a gift that allows him to connect with people in an extraordinary way. If you’re looking for someone who anticipates your needs even before you do, let Jeong Jae be your trusted partner for life.

No matter which leading man becomes your chosen one, we’re sure they’ll have captured the hearts of your loved ones before the end of the holidays.

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