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Award-winning taiwanese acapella band, The Wanted releases second album, Chubby! Chubby!

AWARD-winning Taiwanese acapella band, The Wanted has Released their second album, 'Chubby! Chubby!'.

'Chubby! Chubby!' follows the success of their first full-length album Dear Adult, which won the Best Vocal Group award at Taiwan’s prestigious Golden Melody Awards in 2021. Dear Adult was also the first ever full acapella album in the Mandopop industry.

The five member group consists of leader and vocal bass Adi, sopranos Dodo and Rere, mezzo-soprano and rapper Chia as well as Arnold, who is in-charge of vocal percussion and beatbox.

The 9-track album explores the concept of dieting, not in a physical context, but a spiritual one, describing the overloaded sensation of stress and information that we deal with each day as 'additional weight' that should be shed.

The opening track 'Eat More’ explores the plethora of information that we consume each day through our mobile devices, and reflects on the human condition of trying to digest too much information each day that leads to unnecessary distractions and distress; while ‘Shake Off’ encourages us to throw away all these burdens and live our lives for what is really important.

The fast-paced and upbeat title track ‘Chubby’ is also an optimistic song that showcases the exciting abilities of all five members of the band, bringing together a unique sound that also reminds listeners to live happily and confidently.

Working once again with award-winning producer Chia-Lun Yue, The Wanted constantly reinvented their works during the songwriting process, removing and replacing parts of the arrangement in the pursuit for a fresher voice in acapella.

The goal of this album is to be streaming friendly, and 'Chubby! Chubby!' is an acapella album that would not feel out of place in any mainstream pop music playlist. The group hopes that listening to this album will be a simple process for anyone. You only need to sit down and turn it on, and slowly shed away the negative thoughts in your mind with 'Chubby! Chubby!', and discover a refreshed self afterwards.

First formed in 2014, The Wanted has revolutionized the face of acapella in Asia as an acoustic genre, often including different unexpected sounds and elements from other genres, such as classical, jazz, folk, rock, and even hip-hop, into their music.

They are known in Taiwan and beyond for their experimental sounds and the seamless weaving of multiple genres into the acapella medium in both their recorded tracks and live performances using modern music techniques.

About The Wanted

Popular acapella group The Wanted was formed in 2014, The five member group consists of leader and Vocal Bass Adi, Sopranos Dodo and Rere, Mezzo-soprano and rapper Chiaas well as Arnold , who is in-charge of Vocal Percussion and Beatbox.

In 2020, the group released their first album Dear Adult, which gained attention for its intricate and rich arrangements using the acapella and vocal medium, winning the Best Vocal Group award at the 32nd Golden Melody Awards. This was also the first ever full acapella original album in the Mandopop industry.

In 2021, The Wanted furthered their exploration into acapella with the EP 1% Theory, shedding away the traditional constraints of the genre, and incorporating more music tools, synthesizers and effects to create arrangements with more layers and depth.

With the recognition from the Golden Melody Awards, The Wanted has since ventured onto greater stages, as well as collaboration opportunities with more mainstream artists. With their latest album 'Chubby! Chubby!' in 2023, The Wanted aims to showcase the results of these precious experiences and define their position in the scene.

Using their vocals as an instrument, the group has found greater freedom in achieving their desired sound with the support of digital and physical tools, and they aim to release a pop acapella album that defies the common impression of the genre in a Taiwan music scene that accommodates many different sounds.

Listening to the work of The Wanted on streaming platforms, a listener might not notice at first that every sound from each track comes from the vocalizations of the five members.

While maintaining the cleanliness and appeal of acapella, the group also hopes that through their music, they are able to tear down the stereotype of acapella music as archaic and classical, and show that even without a guitar, bass or drum, they are able to create popular music familiar to audiences through their voices, and move on to bigger stages. - 7KLIK

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