Vibrant Japanese anime Code Geass Rozé Of The Recapture to debut June 21 exclusively on Disney+ Hotstar

AFTER After captivating audiences around the world for almost 18 years, the next chapter in the Code Geass story will soon be revealed when Code Geass Rozé of the Recapture debuts exclusively on Disney+ Hotstar.

Set four years after the events of Code Geass Lelouch of the Re;surrection, Code Geass Rozé of the Recapture follows two highly skilled mercenaries called Ash and Rozé. After successfully rebelling against the occupying forces of the Brittania Army for over four years, the mercenaries get recruited to work alongside a Japanese resistance group in a last-ditch attempt to repel the occupiers for good.

Starring Kōhei Amasaki as the voice of Rozé, Makoto Furukawa as the voice of Ash, and Reina Ueda as the voice of Sakuya, Code Geass Rozé of the Recapture is written by Noboru Kimura and is directed by Yoshimitsu Ōhashi.

Code Geass Rozé of the Recapture is the latest Japanese series to be added to the service’s highly curated list of anime titles.

Fans of anime can sign up to Disney+ Hotstar today to enjoy immediate access to a wealth of unmissable titles including Ishura about a world following the demise of the Demon King; and Phoenix: Eden17, an adaptation of Osamu Tezuka’s seminal work that takes viewers on a dangerous extraterrestrial adventure to a new planet filled with nothing but misery.

Anime fans can enjoy the recently released The Fable, about an accomplished assassin who is forced to lay low for a year; and Go! Go! Loser Ranger! about an ongoing war between an invading Monster Army and the hugely popular Divine Dragon Rangers.

Stream the latest addition to the Code Geass series from June 21 exclusively on Disney+ Hotstar. - 7KLIK


[PHOTO CREDITS: Disney+ Hotstar - Marissa Iman] 

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