Warner Bros. Discovery announces exciting new HBO Asia Originals Drama Fired Up

WARNER Bros. Discovery today announced new HBO Asia Originals, Fired Up! (working title), a coming-of-age drama series by production house, DaMou Entertainment in Taiwan.

In celebration of its 10th Anniversary, DaMou Entertainment announced a slate of projects - including their upcoming collaboration with Warner Bros. Discovery - during the 2023 Taiwan Creative Content Fest on November 9. Fired Up! will commence production in December 2023.

Adapted from the popular Kakao Webtoon comic Itaewon Class created by GwangJin, this series represents DaMou Entertainment's third collaboration with Warner Bros. Discovery with past successes including The World Between Us, which received 14 nominations and won six major awards at the 54th Annual Golden Bell Awards, and Workers, which won four major awards for Best Miniseries or Television Film at the 56th Annual Golden Bell Awards.

"We're thrilled to announce another collaboration with DaMou Entertainment, particularly as they celebrate their milestone 10th Anniversary.

"Reflecting our commitment to delivering diverse and captivating storytelling that resonate with audiences in the region and beyond, Fired Up! will be a unique addition to our HBO Asia Originals content portfolio," said Magdalene Ew, Head of Content, Streaming, APAC at Warner Bros. Discovery.

Fired Up! tells a story of Chou Lu-yung (Eric Chou), a young man who embarks on a quest to uncover the truth behind his father's tragic death. Committed to preserving his family's eatery, "Jin Lai Hao," he teams up with a close-knit group of friends and together, they navigate the challenges of life while seeking justice for his father's passing.

The show delves into themes of teamwork, family, friendship, business rivalry, and the rich world of Taiwanese cuisine, delivering a heart-warming and thrilling storyline. As the eatery flourishes, the group faces a power struggle with a formidable conglomerate, and their destinies become intricately intertwined.

"DaMou is extremely honoured to join hands once more with Warner Bros. Discovery to bring this compelling drama series to life. With a remarkable cast led by Eric Chou, along with the creative vision of directors Kao Pin-chuan and Tseng Ying-ting, combined with the storytelling prowess of lead screenwriter Chien Li-ying, Fired Up! integrates traditional Taiwanese recipes with modern culture, spotlighting the courage of Taiwanese youth today. We are so excited to work on our third HBO Asia Originals series and believe it will resonate with a diverse audience!” said Lin Yu-ling, CEO of DaMou Entertainment.

Cast includes, well-known Mandarin popstar, Eric Chou (My Best Friend's Breakfast) in his first lead role in a drama series as Chou Lu-yung, Angela Yuen (The Narrow Road, I SWIM) as Chao Yi-hsuan, Shao Yu-wei (More Than Blue) as Wu Hsiu-wen, Ben Wu (Iron Ladies) as Chang Chien-wu, Sean Lin (See you in Time, Lovely Villain) as Chang Chien-yuan, Huang Guan-zhi (Detention) in the role of Lin Chin-nan, and Cosmos Lin (Back to Home, Women in Taipei) as Ma Yu-li.

Produced by DaMou Entertainment, Fired Up! is directed by Kao Pin-chuan (The Gangs, the Oscars, and the Walking Dead) and Tseng Ying-ting (The Abandoned, The Last Verse), written by lead screenwriter Chien Li-ying (Wave Makers) and screenwriter, Birdy Fong (Take Me To The Moon) and executive produced by Lin Yu-ling (Wave Makers, The World Between Us) and produced by Chiang Cheng-en (Workers, The World Between Us) and Lin Shiang-lin (The Soul, The Abandoned).

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