13 Nov 2018


NEON Lights Festival 2018 opened its doors at 2pm today, with an incredible array of musical acts in store for the day’s festivalgoers. 

Instigator Afrobeat Orchestra headed up the Main Stage with their modern take on the Afrobeat genre, followed by local favourites Riot !n Magenta, and post-punk provocateurs Shame. 

On Easy Street, the crowd was treated to a skratch workshop by E-TracX, Perk Pietrek’s’ enthralling underground electronic dance set, and a brilliant performance by Fauxe, one of Singapore’s most prolific producers. 

DJ Ulysses brought down the house with a Tuff Club Takeover, and Silent Disco Asia closed out Easy Street with a luminous silent dance party. 

On the Main Stage, The Vaccines put on an electrifying show, followed by popular Texan ethereal dream-pop maestros Cigarettes After Sex, and dynamic rock sensation Interpol gave the highly anticipated headlining performance of the night.

[CREDIT: neon lights]

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