WHAT do you remember about your first date? Chances are, one of you remembers it differently from the other and you’ve spent years arguing over whose version is correct. 

If you think you are the only couple that does this, think again! Blue Ant Entertainment invited fashion designer Jovian Mandagie and his wife Nina Sabrina to share their love story and more details about their ‘firsts’ as a couple. 

In a fun and light-hearted video shared on the channel’s Facebook page, the couple answered questions such as what they were each wearing the first time they met and who said ‘I love you’ first. Like any other couple, their responses sometimes match… or not! Check out their video here: 

All joking (and bickering) aside, the best part about first dates is how it made you feel – an unforgettable combination of excitement and anticipation, nerves and butterflies in your stomach. If it’s been a long time since your first date, how do you keep the spark alive these days?

If you’re stuck for ideas, here are a few:

Make it “official” 
Ask your partner if they’d like to have dinner, watch a movie or take a couple’s class. Mark it clearly on your calendar and tell your friends you’re excited to be going on this date, just like you’d do if this was really a first date.

Make it special
Try to be creative; your date doesn’t need to be posh, expensive or extravagant. You can choose a location or activity that you’ve talked about but never tried, or do something meaningful, perhaps something reminiscent of your actual first date. 

Plan it out 
Put some effort into it – the results will be worth it! You can ensure things go smoothly with a little advance planning. Call ahead to make reservations, choose something nice to wear, pick up flowers or a small gift and be on time – these are just some tips you can follow.

Remind each other of your good qualities
What’s the first thing the comes to mind when you think of your partner? Chances are, it’s something positive. Nina thinks Jovian is always busy but she appreciates that he also makes time for her, while Jovian sees Nina as caring, loving and protective.

Connect with each other
Simple things matter, so hold hands over the table or while you walk; make sure you pay attention to each other. Put away your phones; you can reply messages and take pictures of your food another time. 

Don’t rush
A slower pace might be difficult at first when we’re used to rushing around, but it makes a huge difference. Avoid packing your date with activities; while a plan is great, a rigid schedule can ruin the mood. What’s more, sometimes the best moments are spontaneous so let go of the reins a little and go with the flow!

After the date, tell your partner how much you enjoyed yourself and hope he/she did too. You can both share what you each liked the most and, like Jovian and Nina, take turns to plan your subsequent dates!

For more First Dates fun, catch new episodes of First Dates on Blue Ant Entertainment available on Unifi TV (Ch 473), Mondays to Wednesdays at 8.50pm.  See how couples of all ages go on first dates and you might just remember everything about yours too! 

[CREDIT: Blue Ant Entertainment]

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