LOCAL indie pop band lost spaces signed on a worldwide contract with KnightVision B.V., a European label powered by Warner Music, for its hit single, boxset.girlfriend

KnightVision is an international label that releases tracks for the likes of Yellow Claw, Tom Swoon, Jasmine Sokko, and many others. Details of the contract include re-releasing and marketing the track to other countries on an international platform.

Based on lead singer Sam Lopez’s own Instagram crush, “boxset.girlfriend” talks about the romanticised though unrealistic infatuation towards a popular personality from one’s own lenses. Featuring a light-hearted, head-bopping sound quality, the single hit about 130,000 streams in the first month that it was launched.

Founded in 2017, lost spaces is made up of Lopez on guitars, his brother Lukas Lopez on the drums, cousin Imran Marshall on bass and friend Koon on the keyboard. The band’s songs have seen 860,000 streams and views on Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube. 

Following after the success of “box.set girlfriend”, lost spaces recently released their latest single “35.mm”, which tells of finding one’s feelings again while hanging around a new special someone. The track was featured in a two-part Christmas short film by popular YouTubers The Ming Thing titled “The Delivery Boy”, which has racked up more than 226k views in total within one week of its launch. 

[CREDIT: Breaking Music]

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