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TIKTOK the world’s leading short video platform, announced today that the viral hit 'Say Meow Meow', developed and popularized on its own platform, will now be available in English with brand new lyrics and an even more catchy arrangement on the the world’s most popular music streaming services—Apple Music, iTunes Music, Spotify, KKBOX, myMusic, friDay Music, MOOV, JOOX, YouTube, and Daily Motion. 'Say Meow Meow' by TikTok is performed by Celine ft. Cloud Wang. 

TikTok has increasingly become a launchpad for diverse videos set to catchy music. Apart from than collaborating with major labels and artists to introduce their songs on the platform, TikTok also encourages budding music composers to create their unique mix of music.

'Say Meow Meow' was one of these tracks that first gained fame through TikTok eight months ago. It skyrocketed in popularity in Malaysia and the rest of the world, reaching more than 6 million video covers and more than 6 billion views globally. With the release of its English version, 'Say Meow Meow' is set to attract more fans around the world with its addictive tune and energetic beat.

[CREDIT: Tik Tok]

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