HUAWEI nova 3 is one of the third-generation HUAWEI nova series devices; like its predecessors, it is beautifully designed, and targets young consumers who love taking selfies, being entertained and staying abreast trends. 

As HUAWEI’s newest youth-centric device, HUAWEI nova 3 series is a powerful device that rivals even today’s flagship devices. In Malaysia, the HUAWEI nova 3 series has become one of the best-selling products for the year.  

What is ‘Poster Size’ Selfie? 

How does it feel like when you can print your selfies in the poster size? HUAWEI nova 3 series has the answer for it. As the name suggests, the HUAWEI nova 3 series is able to capture a beautiful selfie that can be printed in poster size. Made possible with 24MP AI-powered dual-front cameras*, the selfie can be magnified to a certain extend and still remain the clarity and sharpness of the image. 

In most scenarios, we often see the thumbnail of the images without realising the actual size of the image can be printed in this large size. Measured at 1.6 x 2m, the poster clarity can reach up to 72 PPI, which is achievable with HUAWEI nova 3 series and its AI-powered lenses. 

Effortless beauty—AI-enhanced dual front cameras

Powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), the HUAWEI nova 3 series sports a dual-front camera lenses with a combination of 24MP + 2MP. Supported by professional image quality of ISP, the device can capture a clear image without losing the details. Up to 4224 x 5632 resolution photo is attainable with HUAWEI nova 3 series – just using the front lenses! 

Running on the Kirin 970, the NPU nestled within HUAWEI nova 3 has been trained extensively using professional photos. After it processes what scene the cameras are pointing at, the device will apply beautification on the subjects and also optimizations on the background. 

HUAWEI nova 3 series can recognize more than 200 different scenarios of eight categories for its front cameras, including blue sky, beach, plant, night, stage performance and flower. With support for the 3D LUT color management system that is commonly used in movies, HUAWEI nova 3 can control the overall color tone and enhance saturation and brightness of photos using the full color spectrum.

Outstanding HDR Pro shots, even in the backlit environment
In backlit scenarios, HUAWEI nova 3 series’ hardware can intelligently optimize and adjust the exposure for every individual row of pixel on the sensor to achieve the HDR effect on the sensor. HDR photos shot with HUAWEI nova 3 have enhanced lighting and details in lesser lit areas in the frame. 

Unlike previous software HDR implementations, HDR pro retains the RAW format and conducts high dynamic processing using RAW files; therefore it produces images of better quality images quicker while retaining all the details.

Fun selfies with 3D QMOJI 
HUAWEI nova 3 series features a fun way to take selfies. The 3D animated stickers can be superimposed onto a user according to his or her facial structure. The 3D Qmojis feature can generate a 3D emoji pack or a 3D video by reading facial expressions through the dual cameras and recording the voice through microphone. The results are great for sharing on social media.

Best Time to Purchase the HUAWEI nova 3 and nova 3i 
HUAWEI nova 3 and nova 3i are retailing at new prices of RM1,699 and RM1,099 respectively, and can be purchased at all HUAWEI Experience Stores, HUAWEI Online Store, authorized dealers and major telco partners. With every purchase, customers will receive a nova VIP Privilege card that offers exclusive gifts and vouchers worth up to RM1,000 – a great instant reward for nova users.

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