16 Baris Concert 2018, Malaysia Biggest Hip Hop Concert

IT WAS a historic day for Hip Hop in Malaysia. Two celebrations coincide; Tune Talk’s 9th anniversary and Hip Hop’s 45th celebration at the biggest Hip Hop concert in Malaysia.

The 16 Baris Concert 2018 featured 45 talented MCs, wowing the fans, bringing down the house and provided everyone with memorable experience.

5000 fans filled up the National Tennis Centre in Jalan Duta, enjoying every bit of the almost 6 hours concert, unleashing pure ecstatic energy as they witness their favourite MCs perform on stage.

16 Baris is a weekly hip hop cypher show on YouTube created by Joe Flizzow and Rocketfuel Entertainment. Each episode features 3 rappers, for a total of 45 rappers over 15 episodes in Season Episode 1 launched in December 2017, and the last episode of Season 1 was released in March.

On the 14th of April, 16 Baris threw a free concert for 500 people which at the end attracted more than 3000 thousand people. To make up for those who were unable to get into the venue, the 16 Baris Concert, presented by Tune Talk was organized with the capacity to hold around 5000 fans.

Ameen Amaendran, Tune Talk CEO said, 

“The 16 Baris Concert 2018 is our birthday gift for everyone. This is our 9th year in operation and what better way to celebrate the moment than with the people who shares the same daringness as us.”  
“We have always been supporting the local music industry, and Hip Hop has grown so much in Malaysia. Tune Talk would want to be one of its strong supporters to ensure the scene reaches its pinnacle. 
It is an honour for us to be a part of this journey with the goal of one day seeing our local talents, standing shoulder to shoulder with established international acts out there,” he added.   


16 Baris has grown from being a YouTube show to a full-blown movement in mere months. People are encouraged to submit their own rap through the hashtag #16Baris and 5 rappers have been discovered through these online submissions – Lil J, Hades, Ilyas Konlay and Singaporeans Fariz Jabba and Yung Raja.

The partnership between Tune Talk and 16 Baris will also cover throughout the 2nd season of the popular Youtube series and the brands will definitely work together to increase the growth of the scene locally.

Moving forward, Tune Talk’s regional expansion plan to become the ASEAN Sim will fit perfectly with the direction 16 Baris in becoming a major driving force of Hip Hop in the region.

Both brands will experience an exponential growth through this partnership which ultimately benefit the fans themselves. - 7KLIK

[CREDIT: tunetalk]

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