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About The Accidental Detective 2: In Action

THE First Detective Agency in Korea is now open! The Funniest Detective Duo has returned with a 'genius geek'!

The detective duo who solved the coldest case in history has returned, with ‘Kang Dae-man’ (Kwon Sang-woo), the owner of a comic book store and a big fan of Sherlock Holmes, and ‘Noh Tae-soo’ (Sung Dong-il), the legendary detective in the Metropolitan Investigation Team! The comedic duo opens the first detective agency in Korea and takes their first step as private detectives by recruiting ‘Yeo-chi’ a.k.a. ‘Hopper’ (Lee Kwang-soo), an ex-agent of the Cyber Crime Unit.

However, a dream is just a dream! Without any clients, business is bad for them. In the end, they have to secretly snatch up some clients from the police station.

One day, they finally have their first client come knocking, who subsequently offers a fee of 50 million won as reward! Confidently, they take up the case, but only become more confused by a series of suspicious evidence as they further investigate……

“There is No Cold Case in My Dictionary!”
This June, the super detective trio will begin their investigation!


“The funniest detective duo has returned!”
The first detective agency in Korea finally OPENS!

‘Kang Dae-man’ and ‘Noh Tae-soo’, who accidentally partnered up to solve a mysterious case in The Accidental Detective: The Beginning (2015), has returned as the ‘REAL DETECTIVES’. ‘Kang Dae-man’ is the owner of a comic book store and an ordinary husband who dreamed of being the Sherlock Holmes of Korea. 

‘Noh Tae-soo’, the legendary detective who used to be called ‘white shark’ is demoted to a lower rank due to his hasty temper. Following their great chemistry, the duo, though with extreme characters, decides to open their own detective agency in the sequel.

The Accidental Detective 2: In Action is a comedy crime movie following three distinctive guys solving a mysterious case together. The Sherlock Holmes-fan and comic book store owner ‘Kang Dae-man’ (Kwon Sang-woo), and the legendary detective ‘Noh Tae-soo’ (Sung Dong-il), open a detective agency together and scout ‘Yeo-chi’ (Lee Kwang-soo), an ex-agent of the Cyber Crime Unit to resolve a criminal case. 

‘Kang Dae-man’ who has sold his comic book store and his partner ‘Noh Tae-soo’ who has declined a promotion will write a new chapter in the detective history as the utmost super detective duo following their first episode The Accidental Detective: The Beginning

The duo rolls up their sleeves to solve the first case that they have long been waiting. While investigating the case, their great sense of humor and intriguing chemistry are set to capture audience’s attention.

Actors Kwon Sang-woo and Sung Dong-il who hit it off in the first movie will reprise their roles as ‘Kang Dae-man’ and ‘Noh Tae-soo’ in The Accidental Detective 2: In Action

Sung Dong-il remarked, “The new movie welcomes more characters and a bigger case than The Accidental Detective: The Beginning. There will be more to see for everyone.” His sharing further arouses higher expectation from fans of the first movie.


The Best Duo returns with a geek?!
Kwon Sang-woo x Sung Dong-il x Lee Kwang-soo, 
A Super Trio comparable to the Avengers!

In The Accident Detective 2: In Action, actor Lee Kwang-soo who plays ‘Yeo-chi’ a.k.a. ‘Hopper’, an ex-agent of the Cyber Crime Unit, joins the detective duo ‘Kang Dae-man’ (Kwon Sang-woo) and ‘Noh Tae-soo’ (Sung Dong-il)

‘Kang Dae-man’ will be in charge of deduction while ‘Noh Tae-soo’ will do hands-on investigation. The newly added member ‘Hopper’ will complement the team with his passion, extreme sloppiness, and exceptional talents in cyber investigation. 

‘Hopper’ specializes in using illegal surveillance techniques from locations tracing to bugging, The Accident Detective 2: In Action will present audience with the most powerful team.

The great chemistry of the trio can be found within the movie and at the shooting site. Kwon Sang-woo proudly said, 

“My acting has improved greatly with the help of Sung Dong-il, other fellow actors and staff throughout the filming of the sequel.” 

Sung Dong-il supplemented, 

“Since we have been very close since the first movie, we could generate greater synergy together. We help each other to act better, rather than just managing our own character.” 

The newly added member Lee Kwang-soo, fitted right in with the original members as if he had been one of them. Lee remarked, 

“Thanks to the generous help and support from my two respectable partners, I could enjoy the filming while learn more about acting from them.” 

Lee Kwang-soo’s active participation also raises audience’s expectation toward the movie The Accident Detective 2: In Action.

The cast’s perfect chemistry is also reflected in their rampant ad-libs during filming. Kwon Sang-woo recalled, 

“The script itself was very interesting, but we made it even funnier when filming. I don’t think there’s a scene where we merely follow the script without ad-libs.” 

Director Lee Eon-hee added, 

“In every scene, the three actors not only took care of their own part but also collaborated with each other. Starting from the first day of filming, Lee Kwang-soo fitted in with the original cast perfectly.” 

The great synergy of the main cast is without doubt another highlight of the sequel.


Humor! Deduction! Everything is Tripled Up!
Herald the Birth of A Korean Movie Franchise!

In 2015, the movie The Accidental Detective: The Beginning swept the movie world during Mid-autumn Festival holiday, captivating the audience with its surprisingly perfect and comedic casting of Kwon Sang-woo and Sung Dong-il. 

With positive reviews, the film The Accident Detective: The Beginning became the talk-of-the-town piece at that time. Defeating  other movies released at the same period, The Accident Detective: The Beginning broke the record of the highest ticket reservation rate, drawing 2.62 million admissions in Korea. 

The success of this movie established the foothold of a new Korean movie series. After three years, The Accidental Detective series comes back with a sequel, which will greet the audience in June and aims at bringing a national sensation again.

With the firm support from the movie goers, The Accidental Detective 2: In Action reunites Sherlock Holmes-fan ‘Kang Dae-man’ (Kwon Sang-woo), a comic book store owner, and ‘Noh Tae-Soo’ (Sung Dong-il) the legendary detective ‘white shark’. 

Above all, the participation of Lee Kwang-soo as ‘Yeo-chi’, an ex-agent of the Cyber Crime Unit will create an unprecedented synergy adding on to the unique chemistry and humor connecting the detective duo. Lee is an avid actor and entertainer who captivates audience with his iconic performance in TV shows such as the recent drama Live and weekend variety show Running Man.

Moreover, The Accidental Detective 2: In Action has expanded its scale, and elevated the depth of deduction to strengthen the series. As Kwon Sang-woo shared, 

“The humor, the case, the case, everything has expanded and is stronger compared to the first movie. I hope that we can turn the The Accidental Detective series into something long-lasting like the ‘007 Series’, as long as I am healthy enough to keep shooting.” 

Tripling the appeal of the first movie, The Accidental Detective 2: In Action will captivate audience no only fans of The Accidental Detective series, but also those who watch the series for the first time. - 7KLIK  

[CREDIT: ATriNaga]

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