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Premier Growing Up Supermodel

GROWING Up Supermodel follows a new group of hot young models risking it all to live up to the careers of their famous parents. With the names and the genes of their gorgeous parents on their side, these celebrity offspring seem destined to make it to the top, but the right DNA is only half the battle in this competitive world. 

These young models are all finding out that making a career is hard work, and having a famous name is a double-edged sword, creating expectations and burdens at the same time it generates opportunities. Meanwhile, the parents, whose success has paved the way, discover that being a star is much easier than raising one.



1980s pin-up goddess Kelly quite consciously left Hollywood behind years ago so she could raise her children in relative anonymity three hours to the north in Santa Ynez. But now that her daughter Arissa, 23, has decided to become a model, Kelly finds herself getting more and more drawn back into the lifestyle that was dangerous to her in her youth. Arissa, of course, is no ordinary pin up girl. Rather, she’s a plus-sized model on a crusade to earn acceptance for non-traditional body types. 


Supermodel Beverly enters the season eight months pregnant with a baby girl on the way, and Cairo, 23, is not happy about it. Cairo wants Beverly to reclaim her mantle as a supermodel and global celebrity, partially because Cairo wants to bask in the reflected glow of that. While Beverly works to juggle the demands of her baby girl with the demands of her oldest daughter, Cairo struggles to find the same level of success her mom enjoyed at her age.


Andrea is in the middle of a divorce with her famous husband, and she’s still learning the ropes as a single mom. Older daughter Cambrie, 20, is entrepreneurial and independent-minded – and ready to move out of the house, leaving Andrea even more alone. Faith is just 15, but she’s not ready to accept her mother as any kind of disciplinarian. Throughout the season, Andrea and her daughters struggle to redefine their family in the face of major life changes.


Former Miss USA and Playboy model Shanna is an active single mother raising a typically insecure teenage daughter in Atiana, 17, who has the looks and the pedigree to become a serious model, but is lacking in motivation. Shanna trains ambitious pageant contestants for a living, but will she be able to light a spark in her own daughter? Atiana feels she has enough stress in her life just trying to plan the perfect 18th birthday party. To pull it off, she’s going to have to depend upon the kindness of her father, the famous but troubled boxer Oscar De La Hoya, who’s nearly a stranger to her. 


The first major hurdle this father-and-son modeling duo has to overcome is merely arriving in Los Angeles to begin their careers. Father JD and son Janis, 21, find themselves trapped in their homeland of Belgium as their work visas get delayed thanks to the current political climate. When they land, however, they make an immediate splash among the rest of the cast. JD is the only father on the show who is a present and stable force in his children’s lives. The tightness of JD’s family and marriage stands as a shining example to all the broken homes of his fellow cast mates. 


Former “Baywatch” bombshell Krista never wavers in her loyalty and support for her son, Jake, 19. When Krista runs afoul of the Schroder sisters while trying to defend their mom, Jake proves he’s always got her back. But Krista and Andrea soon find themselves at odds, and Krista won’t back down when she feels she’s been wronged. Jake is working to get his modeling career off the ground, and he’s all up for networking with the group. But when a major rift develops, Jake can’t stay neutral for long.

Episodic Synopsis

Episode 1: The New Wave
23 Jan, Monday 9pm

In the premiere episode, a group of hot young models with celebrity parents become fast friends at a photo shoot in Los Angeles. Cambrie Schroder's decision to move out devastates her mother Andrea, who is already dealing with a divorce. Cairo pushes her supermodel mother, Beverly Peele, to help her on an important photo shoot, while Kelly Le Brock struggles to help daughter Arissa with her plus-size modeling career, and Shanna Moakler pushes daughter Atiana De La Hoya to take advantage of her opportunities.

Episode 2: Daddy Issues
30 Jan, Monday 9pm

With Beverly Peele about to give birth, Cairo struggles to contain her feelings of resentment towards the new baby. When a surprise visitor arrives in town, Cambrie and Faith Schroder are forced to deal with the intense emotions sparked by their parents' divorce. Atiana De La Hoya invites her new friends to a photo shoot, but Cambrie deems it unprofessional, and Kelly Le Brock finds herself at the center of attention when she meets the rest of the group.

Episode 3: The Hookup Culture
6 Feb, Monday 9pm

Andrea Schroder angers her daughters when she worries that Atiana's participation in "hook up culture" makes her a bad influence on Faith. Janis and his father JD finally get cleared to come to America to pursue their modeling dreams, but a snag in their visa status throws their move into doubt. When Arissa opens up to her new friends about her strained family relationships, Kelly worries her honesty could cause problems. Despite the birth of her new baby sister, Cairo remains determined to throw the perfect surprise baby shower for Beverly.

Episode 4: Mama Bears
13 Feb, Monday 9pm

When Cairo tries to renew her relationship with her estranged father, Beverly's lack of support opens up new wounds in their relationship. Shanna wastes no time in confronting Andrea over her disapproval of Atiana. JD takes it upon himself to get involved in Arissa's personal business, and when Faith continues her reckless spending, Cambrie takes matters into her own hands to teach her sister some responsibility.

Episode 5: Strike Two
20 Feb, Monday 9pm
Krista encourages Andrea to get stricter with her kids, but Cambrie and Faith aren't having it.  Shanna goes on the offensive when rumors circulate about her daughter crashing a party. JD saves the day at a fashion event when he teaches the kids how to properly strut their stuff on the runway, but Atiana's insecurities threaten to keep her on the sidelines.

Episode 32: Striking Out
27 Feb, Monday 9pm

Andrea brings in help to try to make peace with Cambrie and Faith, but a visitor throws her over the emotional edge. Cairo lashes out at her friends after suffering a major setback in her modeling career, and JD gets put in his place by all the single mothers when he keeps trying to fix their problems.

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