Adrenaline spiked korean spy thriller, Tempest to debut in 2025 exclusively on Disney+ Hotstar

ASSASSINATIONS, political games, conspiracies, and spies collide in 2025 when Korean thriller Tempest launches exclusively on Disney+ Hotstar.

Set in modern-day Korea, Tempest follows Munju, a highly accomplished diplomat and former ambassador to the United States, and Sanho, an international special agent as they race to uncover the truth behind an attack that threatens the future stability of the Korean peninsula.

Featuring the eagerly anticipated on-screen partnership of two of Korea’s most accomplished actors, Tempest stars Gianna Jun (My Love from the Star, Legend of the Blue Sea) as Seo Munju, a career diplomat who turns her razor sharp intellect to uncovering the source of a lethal attack, and executive producer Gang Dongwon (Broker, Peninsula, A Violent Prosecutor) as Sanho, an enigmatic agent shrouded in a veil of secrets.

Tempest is directed by Kim Heewon (Queen of Tears, Little Women, Vincenzo) and co-directed by Korea’s leading martial arts director Heo Myunghaeng (The Outlaws 4), and is written by Chung Seokyung (Decision to Leave, The Handmaiden, Little Women).

Tempest is the latest Korean drama to be announced as part of the ever-growing collection of unmissable Korean storytelling now available on Disney+ Hotstar.

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Stream Tempest in 2025, exclusively on Disney+ Hotstar. - 7KLIK


[PHOTO CREDITS: Disney+ Hotstar - Marissa Iman]

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