Allen Ren, Fair Xing pairs up once again in iQIYI Burning Flames, marking Fair Xing’s first ever fantasy-costume drama

iQIYI's latest fantasy series, Burning Flames, sees Allen Ren transforming into a prince determined to seek revenge for his parents and the human race, even after being enslaved as a miner, vowing to change the fate of the three realms.

The series is filled with intense battles between factions, evoking a strong sense of tragedy. Peter Ho also makes a guest appearance as Allen Ren’s on screen father, adding to the anticipation alongside familiar faces like Ming Dao and Joe Chen.

Adapted from the renowned Hong Kong comic. Wu Gengji, as well as the animation  IP Wu Geng Ji, Burning Flames follows the tragedy surrounding Allen Ren's character, Prince Wu Geng, who, after the destruction of his kingdom and family, becomes a slave but remains steadfast in his desire for revenge.

Familiar faces from classical idol dramas have also or will make their appearance in Burning Flames.  Peter Ho portrays Wu Geng's father with a bold and unique hairstyle that has managed to leave a lasting impression.

He confronts the antagonist, Hei Long, standing firm against these 'tyrants', "We are humans, not slaves!" and presents an exhilarating fight right at the beginning of the series. Fans were definitely in for a treat as well! At 48 years old, he occasionally reveals his well trained biceps in the series, impressing netizens with his strong physique.

Meanwhile, Joe Chen and Ming Dao respectively play the ancient characters Bai Long and Xuan Gu. Marking her return to costume dramas after five whole years, Chen appears with white hair, exuding an ethereal aura, but her character meets a tragic fate in the first episode, adding to the emotional intensity of the series.

Additionally, Jiang Xin known for her role as Concubine Hua in 'Empresses in the Palace, portrays Xin Yuekui, a powerful and overbearing character who confronts Wu Geng and his mother, pushing them to desperate measures.

Despite Wu Geng's resurrection as Ah Gou, he is still taken to the depths of the mines, with a long road to redemption. Allen Ren, who plays both Prince Wu Geng and the commoner Ah Gou, undergoes a transformation from a noble prince to a disheveled laborer.

He even humorously commented on Weibo;
"It’s definitely a first for me to be dead in the first episode, fortunately, I was granted a resurrection card, but what now? Where is the heroic and well-loved prince persona I was promised?"

In Burning Flames, Wu Geng experiences a sudden fall from grace to become a lowly slave, struggling with inner turmoil, but he finds solace in Bai Cai, portrayed by Fair Xing, who remains by his side.

Allen Ren emphasizes the importance of her character, stating that she is crucial to him. Having previously collaborated in Miss Crow with Mr. Lizard in 2021, Allen Ren and Fair Xing reunite in Burning Flames.

Fair Xing shared in an interview;

"Our previous collaboration was more of an idol drama, but this feels completely different with the original anime as a reference, and especially when this is also my first ever costume fantasy drama. I do feel that our acting beliefs and ideas are quite similar, making the collaborations so smooth.

"I've acted in many modern dramas and I've been eager to challenge a costume fantasy drama. So, I couldn't miss this opportunity. Many scenes in this drama require special effects, but during filming, we do still have to act ourselves.

"For some scenes where we're attacked, to make it look real, we have to make our neck veins and blood vessels look like they’re popping out. It definitely took the energy of three of my previous roles to shoot this drama," he said.

Burning Flames premiered last night and quickly climbed to second place on the daily ranking of iQIYI’s platform. As the story unfolds, more characters will appear to challenge Allen Ren's character. How will he then rise from the bottom and fulfill his mission?

The fantasy drama Burning Flames is currently airing on iQIYI (APP &, with two episodes released daily at 7pm for VIP members. In addition, other excellent dramas like White Cat Legend and Eternal Brotherhood are also available on iQIYI. - 7KLIK


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