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Empowering inspiration at Roland-Garros 2022 Tournament with the Oppo Find X5 Pro’s flagship imaging experiences

CAPTURING the true magic of tennis has been a challenge for fans across the world. The disparity between the imaging capabilities of smartphone technology and the action on the court has been evident to see with grainy results, blurred visuals and underwhelming colour reproduction. 

OPPO’s latest technological innovations empower authentic tennis experiences for tennis lovers worldwide.

As the premium partner of Roland-Garros for the 4th consecutive year, OPPO hopes to bring tennis fans’ inspiration with its advanced imaging technology to witness, capture, and share the heart-stopping moments on the court.

In tandem with the continued partnership, OPPO’s new brand proposition, Inspiration Ahead, at its core, is centred on technology giving people the access to achieve success by pushing the limits of what is perceived as possible.

Exemplifying the new brand proposition, OPPO launched the ‘Inspirational Light’ campaign, a global activation galvanising the support of tennis fans from across the globe for their tennis heroes.

Creating innovative technology is at the heart of OPPO’s ethos, and the MariSilicon X imaging NPU is a prime example of that belief.

With over ten years of research and development supporting its creation, the self-designed chip is dedicated to levelling photography and videography for tennis fans with stunning HDR quality.

MariSilicon X’s computational power enables true-to-life imaging experiences that can reveal the true vibrancy of the iconic clay court with the OPPO Find X5 Pro. 

The result is a four-time improvement in perceived night video resolution, less grain and superior colour reproduction, making 4K Ultra Night Video possible for the first time on an Android smartphone and unlocking world-class imaging capabilities that keep up with players’ action on the Roland-Garros court.

The Find X5 Pro takes content capture to the next level with low-light videography. Each frame has detail, clarity, and dynamic range comparable with a still night mode photo, making any tennis supporter proud to share on social media.

Low light video has been a continual issue for smartphone photography. People have had to choose between capturing beautiful moments with low-quality results or just foregoing immortalising their experiences.

With 4K Ultra Night Video, thanks to the MariSilicon X imaging NPU, this remains happily relegated to the past.

The Find X5 Pro can capture the intensity and spirit of the court’s notable night matches without sacrificing quality so that tennis lovers can charge their own piece of Roland-Garros history.

Shooting fast-paced action with a smartphone has historically caused challenges for many. From trying to snap the volleys of the elite tennis stars to the crowd’s roaring cheers, the results can end up looking shaky and wobbly at best.

OPPO’s Five-axis Optical Image Stabilisation (OIS) in parallel with Ultra-Clear Shot and three-degrees anti-shake technology creates smooth and professional content without lag and incredible quality.

OPPO’s ‘Inspirational Light’ campaign, devised from the new brand proposition “Inspiration Ahead”, brings tennis fans globally to champion some of the world’s standout athletes.

Inspiring messages of support from the avid tennis community were used to create striking yet beautiful light painting imagery showcased on the red clay court on each night of the tournament.

At the end of each night match, when the stadium’s lights were turned off, OPPO’s expert light painting crew ‘painted’ the fans’ best comments using OPPO’s Find X5 Pro’s long exposure photography capabilities.

The stunning visuals were captured by OPPO Find X5 Pro, with photos and videos posted across social media. Inspiration to succeed is pulled from both tennis stars and their fans.

For tennis stars, the fans standing before them in the stadium inspire them to play with heart and perform their best. For the fans, it’s the players they admire on the court who encourage them to never give up and keep pushing the boundary.

OPPO's industry-leading mobile technology will also inspire more people to witness, capture and participate in these real emotions and spirits on the court.

With Roland-Garros 2023, OPPO will continue to be the premium partner for the legendary tournament. The leading technology company plans to bring even more tech innovations that excite tennis fans worldwide through standout imaging experiences. Bringing to life and reliving the true magic of the court is made simple with OPPO. - 7KLIK 


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