ALVIN CHONG alongside Universal Music Malaysia will be premiering his upcoming single Sayangku Salmah in an early exclusive on TikTok, as part of the nation’s first music-artist showcase on the platform. 

This single will be available for fans to indulge on TikTok from today onwards, spanning across all mobile operating systems.  

Alvin, who hails from Penang, was launched into the limelight when he emerged in the Top 5 of Astro Star Quest 2009, which provided the opportunity for Alvin to pursue a career in entertainment. Beyond acting and singing however, Alvin has also become a beloved figure in the wider TikTok community as one of the app’s most popular creators.

Cheah Sheau Mei, User and Content Operations Manager of TikTok Malaysia elaborates, 

“As the leading destination for short-form mobile videos, TikTok’s emphasis on creative expression has built a harmoniously connected community that has seen countless viral songs simultaneously top international charts. 

This is because TikTok empowers creators to capture and share precious life moments that matter, which forms a deeper connection to their interests, with music being a prime example. This makes TikTok the go-to platform for artists within the entertainment industry, both locally and globally. 

Understanding the appeal of short-form video platforms in today’s digital natives, Universal Music Malaysia explains the reason behind such a collaboration. 

Kenny Ong, Universal Music Group’s Managing Director for Malaysia and Head of Special Projects, SEA said, 

“Premiering an artist’s new material on an app, instead of the traditional route, has certainly never been done before in Malaysia.  
It should be a top priority for the entertainment industry to be aligned with new and innovative technologies such as TikTok, which is now one of the world’s best music discovery platforms for the mobile and tech-savvy generation. 
Both Universal Music Malaysia and Alvin Chong himself are thrilled to be part of this first-of-its-kind collaboration, which perfectly aligns with our vision of providing our esteemed artists and music library with an innovative platform to further bolster all-inspiring creativity.”

The release of Sayangku Salmah will be complemented with an official #sayangkusalmahchallenge for all to participate, courtesy of Alvin Chong, Universal Music Malaysia, and TikTok. The challenge on TikTok, which will begin on 14 August and last till 23 August, invites TikTokers to dance according to Alvin’s Choreography, or share their own rendition of it using the song “Sayangku Salmah”. 

So, what are you waiting for? Download TikTok today for exclusive access to Alvin Chong’s Sayangku Salmah and the #sayangkusalmahchallenge.

[CREDIT: TikTok]

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