30 Winners Of Uoc Cup: Mobile Legends Tournament received creative arts and design programmes scholarships valued at over RM1 million

THE UNIVERSITY of Cyberjaya announced the top 30 winners for the UoC Cup: Mobile Legends Tournament who earned the Creative Arts and Design Programmes Scholarship valued at RM1 million during the Grand Finale of the tournament that took place on 15 October at its Grand Hall.

Apart from the top 30 winners, a total of 40 winners of the top 8 winning teams brought home a cash prize pool of RM10,000. This includes RM4,000 for the 1st place, RM3,000 for the 2nd place, RM1,500 for the 3rd place, and RM700 for the 4th place. Even teams ranking 5th to 8th will receive RM200 each.

The top 30 winners from the top 6 winning teams that earned Creative Arts and Design Programmes scholarships are Free Agent, Bring Me Horizon, Monster Vicious and MZ Esports. Each of the top 5 winners earned 100% of scholarships while the rest of the 25 winners earned 50% of scholarships covered by the University of Cyberjaya for any of the Bachelor of Multimedia (Hons) in 3D Animation, Bachelor in Creative Multimedia (Hons), Bachelor of Art (Hons) in Graphic Design (Advertising), Diploma in Graphic Design, Diploma in Digital Creative Content, and Diploma in 3D Animation.

One of the finalists deeply immersed in the game, contending for the scholarship and cash prize in the UoC Cup Mobile Legends Tournament.

The UoC Cup stands as a significant milestone, marking the University's debut into the dynamic realm of esports. Rooted deeply in its vision to uplift communities through education, this tournament goes beyond merely creating a platform for competitive gaming. It embodies its mission to provide not only access but also a top-tier standard of education that is aligned with the evolving needs of the digital age. In an era where technology is advancing at an unprecedented pace, the University’s commitment extends beyond the confines of traditional education.

Mohd Faiz bin Alias, Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Creative Art and Design at UoC, underscores the crucial role of creative arts in the technology sector, particularly within the gaming industry.

He states,
“In the gaming industry, professionals with creative expertise are indispensable for game development, contributing significantly to visual design, coding, and overall game design. During their initial year of learning, students are immersed in diverse aspects of design, encompassing art, animation, 3D modelling, creative thinking, and project management. This holistic education equips them with the skills necessary for a variety of roles within the ever-evolving field of game development.”

The competitive in-game action of the grand final in the UoC Cup Mobile Legends Tournament between Team Free Agent and Team Bring Me Horizon, competing for the RM4,000 champion cash prize.

The UoC Cup: Mobile Legends Tournament marked the launch of the University’s dynamic Creative Arts and Design programmes in the Faculty of Creative Arts and Design. This event is a celebration of creativity, and skill, showcasing the fusion of artistic brilliance and technological prowess aspiring to ignite a passion for e-sports and sportsmanship among the youth. It represents a significant milestone in our academic journey, spotlighting our commitment to nurturing the next generation of visionaries and creators. - 7KLIK

[PHOTO: University of Cyberjaya]

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