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DIRECTED by Mak Ho Pong and produced by Virginia Lok, Endless Battle is a Hong Kong cop action movie, starring Bosco Wong, Michael Tse, Joel Chan, Cheung Kwok Keung, Alice Chan, Sisley Choi and many more. 

Joel Chan once again share the screen with Michael Tse and Bosco Wong after ten years. In the recent media interview with Malaysia media Joel shared that he plays the villain in the movie and has many action scenes which he tried not to use stunt double.

“I put 100% in every one of the action scenes and give it the best I can do,”, Joel added.

It is also more than 10 years (11 years to be exact) that Bosco Wong and Michael Tse also work together in a movie since the Laughing Gor.

In the movie, Bosco Wong played Kin Shing is the leader of the drug syndicate, code-named Black Wolf, while his older brother Kin Chung (played by Michael Tse) is a member of the Narcotics Division.

At the same time, he was involved in a fight against drug lords and it is this investigation that the elder brother discovered that the younger brother had another identity.

Joel Chan who hasn't appeared in a movie for many years, plays the role of Max, the son of the drug lord Dragon Kwan, a ruthless, courageous and scheming leader.

In recent year, Joel Chan has taken on more righteous roles and for his role in Endless Battle as a villain was the role a challenge for him.

He replied;

"Looking back at my acting history, I have actually played many second-generation wealthy character, and even some more evil roles, such as Barrack O’Karm.

This time, the rare opportunity was able to work with the two ‘brothers’ Michael Tse and Bosco Wong again.

"It's really different to meet Michael Tse on production again. We used to talk about where is a good place to hang our when we were filming. Now we talk about children and talk about being fathers,"

Joel Chan also share that in Endless Battle Bosco Wong played one of his subordinates this time. In Endless Battle there are a lot of action, gun battles and explosions in the movie. Joel Chan further shared that said that his character had a fight scene that he was also injured during filming.

"There was a scene where Bosco Wong’s stunt double and I were filming a scene. I was going to throw him against the wall but when I grabbed his clothes, I twisted my finger that I had to wear a finger support for a few weeks.
These minor accidents are unavoidable as I always want to do my best despite company’s advice not to as in fact the company has all the necessary safety precaution in place”.

When asked if his wife knows of his ‘dangerous’ filming scene and would she be worried? Joel replied with a smile,

"I try not to tell her! In fact, I will try my best to be careful, always be careful for my wife, we as actors should not be too 'constricting', otherwise our portrayal of the character is not tru enough.”. 


He further added that his son Jaco would now imitate some of his action scenes in the drama/movie, which left him dumbfounded.

Endless Battle brought to you by Malaysia Rights Holder and Distributor Lotus Five Star with marketing partner Infinity Entertainment.

[CREDIT: Lotus Five Star]

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