VIU, a leading pan-regional OTT video streaming service from PCCW Media Group with more than 41 million monthly active users (MAU), further deepens its partnership today with Thai entertainment giant GMM Grammy to offer top-notch One31 Channel and GMM25 content on its platform to the region.

With the partnership, Viu offers near real-time simulcast – within two hours – of One31 Channel’s content in Thailand, giving Thai Viu’ers more choice about when and how they may watch their favourite shows. 

The same content will be available to all Viu’ers in Malaysia, Indonesia, Myanmar and Singapore, with local language subtitles in bahasa Melayu, Bahasa Indonesia, Burmese and English, soon after the initial broadcast in Thailand. 

The partnership brings over 300 hours of near real-time simulcast content from One31 Channel to these markets, with a significant 812 hours’ worth of library content to Thailand.

Furthermore, 290 hours of GMM25 content will now also be available to all Malaysia and Indonesia Viu’ers, complete with English and Bahasa Indonesia subtitles respectively.

Into its third year, the collaboration has been extended to enable Viu to not only exclusively serve up near real-time simulcast of One31 Channel and provide fresh GMM25 content, but also allows Viu Premium users to download the content to watch at their leisure. 

Highly-anticipated titles include One31 Channel’s Crowns of Grass (March, 2020), The Passbook (March, 2020), the Venom’s Tale (February 2020) and GMM25”s The Mistress, Love Revenge, Club Friday the Series 11.

Ms. Virginia Lim, Chief Content Officer, Viu said, 

“After our success with Korean content across the region, we see Thai content as the next regional content wave in Southeast Asia. With the GMM partnership, we are glad to provide another popular genre of quality content on our strong platform which serves millions of digital audiences across the region.  
Our video minutes have grown in billions over the years and this is a testimony of our content in deepening Viu’ers engagement. We will continue to bring the best entertainment to our platform.”

Mr. Takonkiet Viravan, Chief Executive Officer of One31 Channel, said, 

“We are very happy to have Viu as a partner. Combining the strengths of Channel ONE31’s prominent Thai dramas and Viu’s international online platform, we will bring both of our audiences together and expand our audience base. As technology continues to advance, there are so many possibilities for our communities to grow and it is our pleasure to grow together with Viu.”

Mr. Sataporn Panichraksapong, Chief Executive Officer of GMM25, said, 

“GMM25 and Viu have been partners for three years, ever since Viu’s entry into the Thai market. GMM25 series, The Mistress, Love Revenge and Club Friday the Series proved popular on Viu Thailand platform. From now on, Viu-GMM25 partnership will expand further as Viu will bring Viu Thailand’s content to viewers in Malaysia and Indonesia. The collaboration will increase the audience base of Thai content in overseas markets.”


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