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Live along the iconic Han River in a one-of-a-kind designer Airbnb home, hosted by the City of Seoul

AIRBNB and the City of Seoul join forces to list a bespoke waterfront home on the banks of the Han River as part of Airbnb's continued support of the dynamic K-wave.

Guests around the world will have an opportunity to book a stay in Sky Suite Hangang Bridge – a one-of-a-kind designer home overlooking Seoul’s iconic river, conceived and brought to life by Airbnb in collaboration with the Seoul Metropolitan Government.

Sky Suite Hangang Bridge is located at the northern end of Hangang Bridge, one of the many bridges crisscrossing the river.

The unique stay marks the latest in a series of efforts by Airbnb and the City of Seoul to attract more international tourists to Korea’s vibrant and dynamic capital, following last year’s overnight stay at Dongdaemun Design Plaza hosted by K-pop powerhouse ENHYPEN.

With floor-to-ceiling windows offering spectacular views of the river and Seoul’s skyline, the spacious 144m² home includes an expansive bedroom and living room, giving guests a dazzling vantage point overlooking the city.

The designer stay is outfitted with the latest on-trend furnishings in Korea, with a clear glass ceiling installed in the bedroom for guests to fall asleep beneath a starry night sky.

The exterior of the home has been further enhanced with stylish aluminum louvers for a modern, sophisticated touch.

Sky Suite Hangang Bridge hosted by the City of Seoul will officially welcome guests beginning July 17th.

Bookings are now open on and will remain bookable through the year on Airbnb. The price will be set within a range from approximately 345,000 KRW (RM1,171.44) to 500,000 KRW (RM1,697.74).

Sky Suite Airbnb - Bedroom (Credit Mind & Details)

Guests will have the opportunity to explore Han River Park and Nodeul Island nearby, and enjoy activities right out of a K-drama or K-pop music video:

● Enjoy a picnic at Han River Park – lay out your mat and delight in a picnic feast with K-food staples like fried chicken, pizza, and tteokbokki. You can grab some snacks from a nearby convenience store to add to your spread.

● Don't miss the chance to savor Han River’s iconic treat, Hangang Ramen, favored by many K-pop stars.

● Hop on a bike ride along the river. You can easily rent a 'Ttareungi,' a public bike from Seoul’s public bike rental service.

● As the locals do, enjoy a refreshing riverside stroll or an evening jog, soaking in the crisp air and serene vibes of the river. Or capture some fun memories by filming a trendy dance challenge against the beautiful backdrop of the river.

● Visit Nodeul Island, located a quick 7-minute walk away. Feel like the star of your own K-drama as you relax and explore the area. Don't forget to head to the Han River Bridge for a panoramic view of the river.

"We are thrilled to showcase Airbnb’s continued commitment to Korea through this exciting partnership with the City of Seoul.

"Sky Suite Hangang Bridge is a wonderful creative initiative in the heart of a precinct that’s been revitalized into a leisure and entertainment hub.

"As more visitors flock to Seoul and Korea, we’re confident that through these sorts of projects we’ll continue to support the Seoul Metropolitan Government’s ambition of attracting 30 million foreign tourists annually by 2027," said Dave Stephenson, Airbnb's Chief Business Officer.

Sky Suite Airbnb - Bathroom and Kitchen (Credit Mind & Details)

Mayor Oh Se-hoon said;
"We anticipate that Sky Suite Hangang Bridge will become a go-to destination for visitors seeking to immerse themselves in the various festivals and events along the Han River, like the Yeouido Fireworks Festival.

"By sharing the stunning views of the Han River with the world, we believe this will help put Seoul on the global map and serve as one of the critical initial steps in transforming the river into a location where the city's charms can be enjoyed." - 7KLIK


[CREDIT: Jasmine Kamal]

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