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TripleS, 24-members girl group triumphs with their unique mega-group strategy

AFTER a two-year journey of assembly, TripleS, sensational 24-members K-Pop girl group is now complete, making waves with their groundbreaking mega-group strategy (second in terms of group size to boy group NCT), with the release of their highly anticipated debut full-length album Assemble24 to the excitement of their global fandom named WAV.

Navigating the intricacies of music show activities with such a large group has presented challenges, from coordinating transportation logistics to managing wardrobe as well as makeup and styling, the members have risen to the occasion with finesse and sheer determination, working alongside their management and glam teams.

With synchronised group choreography and dynamic performances by the members, TripleS captivated fans with their versatility and charisma.

The fruits of the group’s labour are evident in their recent achievements. Lead track Girls Never Die surpassed 1 million streams on Spotify in a mere three days of its release and the accompanying music video has garnered over 7 million views in just eight days.

Assemble24 recorded remarkable sales of 150,000 copies in the first week of its release and secured the ninth spot in initial album sales among girl groups this year, according to the Hanteo chart.

The crowning moment came on May 14th when TripleS clinched their first music show trophy on SBS M The Show, a testament to their fandom’s dedicated and unwavering support, whom pioneer member Yoon SeoYeon expressed heartfelt gratitude towards during her acceptance speech on behalf of the girl group.

Under the visionary leadership of CEO Jaden Jeong, who was instrumental in the conceptualisation of popular girl group Loona, K-Pop agency Modhaus embarked on an ambitious project to build the largest girl group in South Korea in 2022 that cost over 10 billion won to produce.

The members (born between 2001 and 2010) are of diverse nationalities, ethnicities and backgrounds - 17 Korean members, 4 Japanese, 1 Taiwanese-Vietnamese, 1 Chinese and 1 Thai - bringing a unique flair to the ensemble.

From the revelation of Yoon SeoYeon as the first member in 2022 to the unveiling of JiYeon as the final addition to TripleS’ lineup has been nothing short of remarkable.

Embracing innovation, Modhaus adopted a unique operational method that empowers fans to actively participate in tripleS’ activities.

Through the COSMO app, fans have a say in concepts, the formation of members in a unit, title song selection, thus fostering a sense of community and collaboration.

Voting rights are obtained by purchasing Blockchain NFT-based merchandise such as member photocards called ‘Objekts’, and revenue from these sales directly contributes to the members’ income, independent of Modhaus’ investments.

This decentralised approach, reminiscent of Japan’s AKB48 popularity-based voting system, brought about the formation of distinct units (known as ‘Dimensions’), including AAA, +(KR)ystal Eyes, Acid Eyes, LOVElution, EVOLution, NXT and Aria, from the outset of tripleS’ journey.

The group members are enthusiastic and excited for the fan-driven future under this evolved system where they will have equal opportunities when fans are instrumental in shaping the group’s direction, redefining the boundaries of fan engagement in the K-Pop landscape.

Looking ahead, TripleS is poised to debut and captivate audiences across Japan, partnering with Sony Music’s SME Records, with joint oversight from SM Entertainment’s Japanese subsidiary Stream Media Corporation and Ligareaz.

Jaden Jeong, CEO of Modhaus, stated,

"The partnership between SMC and Ligareaz for TripleS's activities in Japan is a recognition that the evolved fan engagement method proposed by Modhaus and the achievements made through it can also succeed in the Japanese market.

"We expect that TripleS's music and system will be well-loved by Japanese fans, who are already familiar with fan-participatory idols and voting systems."

TripleS is gearing up for an exciting world tour slated to kick off in the fourth quarter of this year. - 7KLIK


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