Korean Action Comedy Series, Han River Police to debut September 13, exclusively on Disney+ Hotstar

WHEN a hardworking and hot-tempered police officer gets partnered with a lackadaisical lay-about, the mismatched duo will be thrown into the deep end when a criminal conspiracy unfolds in front of them in Han River Police - a new Korean action comedy series coming September 13 exclusively to Disney+ Hotstar.

Tasked with keeping Seoul’s most iconic leisure destination safe, Sergeant Dujin and Lieutenant Chunseok regularly patrol the banks of the Han river, taking on terrorists, saving citizens involved in accidents, and solving a range of crimes.

An unlikely duo that find themselves in a number of bizarre situations, the team will find themselves in over their heads when a wide-spread criminal conspiracy is uncovered within their jurisdiction.

Starring Kwone Sangwoo as hot-tempered sergeant Han Dujin, Kim Hiewon as lieutenant Lee Chunseok, Lee Sangyi as the malevolent Go Giseok; Bae Dabin as the overly-competitive Nahee, and Shin Hyeonseung as the workout-obsessed Jisoo, Han River Police is a laugh-out-loud story full of action, comedy and criminal intrigue.

Han River Police is the latest Korean drama to join the ever-expanding library of local Original content available on Disney+ Hotstar.

Viewers can subscribe today to enjoy immediate access to other unmissable Korean titles including Moving, about super-powered spies hiding their children from the nefarious clutches of world governments; the award-winning Big Bet, starring legendary actor Choi Minsik, and Big Mouth about an inept lawyer who is imprisoned as part of the murder case he is investigating.

Stream Han River Police from September 13, only on Disney+ Hotstar. - 7KLIK

Kwone Sangwoo 

Kim Hiewon

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