23 Nov 2018


ARTBOX Malaysia has concluded its debut in Malaysia with two exciting weekends, attracting over 300,000 visitors to the unique creative market at Sunway City Outdoor Open Air Carpark from 9-11 November and 16-18 November.

This very first Malaysian edition featured over 500 vendors across two weekends with some of the best retailers that Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore have to offer. Each weekend exhibited different styles and trends in fashion, accessories and artisanal novelties from streetwear by Pestle and Mortar to hand-painted bags by Thai retailer,  Nokkajib.

Visitors also had the opportunity to take a bite into the various cuisines at Artbox  Malaysia. Food lovers were able to experience delicious and unique treats such as rainbow cheese buns by PP Happy Cheese, black tea stinky tofu and neon-coloured beverages by Juicy Baby. Signature delights such as Thai iced milk tea and Singapore laksa by PGFN were also big hits with the crowd at Artbox Malaysia.

As an all-inclusive creative market, Artbox aspires to provide something for everyone to enjoy. One of their greatest attractions were the creative and Instagram-worthy art installations crafted on Artbox’s unique shipping containers with one of the containers being specially designed by students from Sunway University. 

Artbox Malaysia also saw numerous up and coming musicians take centre stage to perform to crowds of people who captivatingly watched on and cheered throughout their performances. Local musicians such as DANI, Billie Blue and The Nowhere Men, Wanted Symphony and more set the mood with their serenades under the dazzling ambience of Artbox’s iconic fairy lights.

[CREDIT: artbox Malaysia]

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