6 Jul 2018


WE are very pleased to announce our fourth edition of the Swiss Dream Circus in Kuala Lumpur. From August 17th to September 9th, we will be performing in Desa Parkcity opposite Plaza Arkadia.

This year’s show is an artistic spectacle that allows you to dream and be enchanted as you immerse yourself in a world full of EMOTIONS. Internationally acclaimed performers from all over the world are here to take the audience on a journey full of dreams and fantasies.

The circus life is not always filled with sunshine; turbulent and stormy times also contribute to its survival. However, we have the privilege to live a dream many desire and it gives us great pleasure to have you along on this journey.

No matter which religion, race, status or language, the circus will always entertain people the same way it has done for centuries. 

Especially in today’s world, where most things happen on your computer, phone or other electronic devices, we are convinced that a circus can offer a wonderful change of atmosphere; just by the simple act of providing truly HD live entertainment where the audience can plunge into a world of dreams.

[CREDIT: Marco Baumgarnter]

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