THIS May, My Ring Story brings you an entertaining, captivating series where we listen to couples relive their marriage proposal down to the very last detail. 

Each 30 minute episode is made up of 3 stories, and each story is retold through the eyes of the proposer and the proposed. Their story is brought to life by real photos or video or, if not available, the couple will reenact their own proposal. My Ring Story premieres 7 May, every Monday, 10.30pm. 

Married At First Sight S5 features six people who agree to participate in an extreme experiment: Each covenants legal marriage with a complete stranger. Specialists -- including a spiritualist, a relationship coach and a sociologist - use scientific matchmaking methods to determine each couple, who will not have met or had contact with each other until the wedding day. 

The series then documents the relationships, including honeymoons and other relatable events of married life. After several weeks, each couple must decide whether to remain together or go their individual ways. Married At First Sight S5 premieres 8 May, every Tuesday, 9pm.

Other Highlights on Lifetime SEA in May includes:
MOTHER’S DAY STUNT: YOUR GREATEST FAN – Stunt, 13 May, Sunday 9am – 5.30pm 
GLAM MASTERS S1 – New episodes, Mondays 8.30pm

LIFETIME ORIGINAL MOVIES -  1 new movie every week, Wednesdays 9pm

  • The Pastor's Wife (2 May) - Mary, a dutiful preacher's wife and mother of three, becomes the prime suspect in her husband's shocking murder. What went on behind this perfect family's closed doors? Based on a true story, starring Rose McGowan and Michael Shanks.

  • Maternal Instinct (9 May) - A teenage girl who sees her mother shot goes into hiding with a police detective who grows attached to her as she protects her from the killer who is hunting the girl.  

  • We Have Your Husband (16 May) - Based on a true story from the book "We Have Your Husband: One Woman's Terrifying Story of a Kidnapping in Mexico", this story follows a mother, Jayne as she figures out ways to possibly raise ransom money necessary to bring her husband Eduardo back alive. 

  • Girl Fight (23 May) - Inspired by a true story, this is a 16-year-old student's life and stellar reputation spiral downward when a shocking video of her assault at the hands of her former friends surfaces on the Internet.

  • Oscar Pistorius: Blade Runner Killer (30 May) – Based on a true story, on Valentine's Day in 2013, Oscar Pistorious fires four bullets through his bathroom door, killing his model girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp. Her brutal death shocked the world. “Oscar Pistorius: Blade Runner Killer” gives an inside look at the events leading up to Reeva’s killing, the cracks that formed in the relationship and reveals what happened on that tragic night.

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