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Disney+ Hotstar is a dream destination for all anime fans

THIS summer, grab your popcorn and Pocky and dive into a multiverse of unmissable anime titles now streaming on Disney+ Hotstar.

With a whole host of exciting new additions, including The First Slam Dunk and Code Geass Rozé of the Recapture, Disney+ Hotstar is a dream destination for all anime fans - from fresh-faced first timers to the most seasoned otaku.

From today, Disney+ Hotstar viewers can enjoy instant access to a wealth of anime titles including BLEACH: Thousand Year Blood War about a high school student battling malevolent spirits and SPY X Family about a spy who creates a fake family to help him accomplish his mission.

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Hashira Training Arc about a man who battles demons while searching for a cure for his sister, and Attack On Titan about a dystopian world where humans battle against man-eating Titans.

Disney+ Hotstar is also the exclusive home of Sand Land: The Series about the fiend prince and his companions as they embark on a dangerous adventure and Code Geass Rozé of the Recapture about two highly skilled mercenaries who fight against an occupying force.

Tokyo Revengers, about a young man who goes back in time to save his girlfriend from being murdered - inadvertently altering the destinies of everyone around him.

Fans of manga can also sign up to Disney+ Hotstar today to enjoy award-winning live action adaptations of hit manga titles including Gannibal about a police officer who uncovers a blood-curdling secret about the residents of his village, as well as the upcoming Land of Tanabata (July 4) about a university student trapped in the middle of a world-ending crisis with nothing but a useless super power.

Check out the newly released trailer for Disney+ Hotstar anime titles today. - 7KLIK 

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