Netflix announces the star-studded cast of The 8 Show

DIRECTOR Han Jae-rim has teamed up with Netflix to showcase his first-ever series The 8 Show, which will be globally available on Netflix.

Inspired by the popular webtoon Money Game and its sequel Pi Game, The 8 Show is about eight people in need of money who are somehow confined in a building, and their final goal is not just to figure out how to walk away with as much money as possible but most importantly, to survive.

The 8 Show has garnered much attention, as it promises to highlight the primitive desires of people living in a capitalist world where politics and economics come into play. Director Han Jae-rim has always had a gift of meticulously depicting human psychology, shown through his past works The Face Reader, The King, and Emergency Declaration. He is sure to once again capture the nuanced personalities of the characters in The 8 Show as they navigate the dynamics of cooperation and conflict, hostility, and betrayal in limited and unfair surroundings.

The eight contestants in this rewarding yet dangerous show are Korea’s top-tier actors whose names are well-known enough to intrigue viewers. Ryu Jun-yeol, winner of the 59th Baeksang Arts Awards for his work in The Night Owl, teams up with Director Han Jae-rim again after the movie The King.

Chun Woo-hee, who’s known for her versatile skill in completely transforming herself into any character she takes on in films like Unlocked, I Want to Know Your Parents, and The Anchor is also part the cast alongside Park Jeong-min, a seasoned actor whose past works include Netflix film Time to Hunt, Deliver Us From Evil, and Smugglers.

Also part of the cast are Lee Yul-eum, who showcased an impressive performance in Nevertheless; Park Hae-joon, known for his captivating performances in the film 12.12: The Day and series The World of the Married; Lee Joo-young, who showed a strong presence in Believer 2; Moon Jeong-hee, who has woven in and out between genres and taken on intense characters, and Bae Seong-woo, who has proven to be indispensable through The Swindlers, The Great Battle, and The King.

As Director Han Jae-rim’s first drama series, the highly anticipated and star-studded The 8 Show will be globally available in 2024, only on Netflix.

The 8 Show
Director: Han Jae-rim
Screenwriter: Han Jae-rim
Co-Screenwriters: Lee Jenny, Song Su-rin
Cast:  Ryu Jun-yeol, Chun Woo-hee, Park Jeong-min, Lee Yul-eum, Park Hae-joon, Lee Zoo-young, Moon Jeong-hee, Bae Seong-woo
Production: Magnum9, Studio N, Lotte Cultureworks
Distribution: Netflix

[FOTO: Netflix]

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