Introducting react Swiss Eyewear: A vision of elegance and innovation arrives in Malaysia

CYCLELOGY, a trailblazer in bringing the latest innovations to the Malaysian market, proudly unveils its newest addition - React Swiss Eyewear.

This remarkable collaboration combines Swiss precision engineering with a passion for cycling, delivering a collection that redefines eyewear excellence.

React Swiss Eyewear stands as a testament to Cyclelogy's commitment to offering top-tier products that cater to both functionality and style. Boasting cutting-edge technology and an impeccable design philosophy, the brand brings a fresh perspective to the eyewear landscape.

Key Technological Features of React Swiss Eyewear

Infrared Energy Conversion
React Swiss Eyewear harnesses the power of innovation by converting infrared rays into electric energy, ensuring an uninterrupted cycling experience even under varying lighting conditions.

Shadetronic LCD Technology
Our shadetronic LCD lens changes its brightness within an astounding 0.1 seconds, seamlessly transitioning from dark to light. This rapid response provides cyclists with unparalleled visibility and protection, adapting to changing environments from S2 to S4 shading.

Battery-Free Design
React Swiss Eyewear eliminates the need for batteries, enhancing convenience and reducing environmental impact. The innovative technology draws its energy from the very environment it interacts with, reflecting a sustainable approach.

IP Certified Waterproof
Built to endure the challenges of cycling in diverse conditions, React Swiss Eyewear is IP certified waterproof, ensuring uncompromised performance in rain, sweat, or challenging terrains.

Unrivaled Durability
Scratch and shatter-proof features guarantee that React Swiss Eyewear maintains its pristine appearance and functionality, even in the face of demanding outdoor adventures.

Handcrafted Excellence
Each pair of React Swiss Eyewear is meticulously handmade in Wattwill, Switzerland, a region renowned for its tradition of precision craftsmanship. This commitment to detail ensures the highest level of quality and uniqueness in every frame.

UV400 Protection
React Swiss Eyewear provides comprehensive UV400 protection, safeguarding cyclists' eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays during every ride.

Polarized Lenses with Digital Display Readability
The polarized lenses not only offer optimal clarity but also allow cyclists to read digital displays without visual distortion, enhancing safety and convenience.

Cyclelogy's Bangsar Store Manager, Benedict Lee, expressed his excitement about the collaboration, stating;

"We are thrilled to introduce React Swiss Eyewear to the Malaysian market. This partnership embodies our dedication to enhancing athletes experience by merging Swiss expertise with their sports. We believe that React Swiss Eyewear will resonate with sports enthusiasts of all levels, offering them a new dimension of style, performance, and innovation."

Cyclelogy is also delighted to announce Alwi Kamaruddin as the appointed brand advocate for React Swiss Eyewear Malaysia. Alwi, a former golf athlete turned avid cyclist, perfectly embodies the spirit of the brand. His transition from one sport to another highlights the versatility and passion that React Swiss Eyewear and Cyclelogy stand for.

React Swiss Eyewear's official launch in Malaysia is set to take place on August 25, 2023. The collection will be available exclusively at Cyclelogy stores nationwide. - 7KLIK

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