THE HIGHLY The highly-anticipated film, Untouchable: The Rise and Fall of Harvey Weinstein, launches in Malaysia on 25th October (next Friday) exclusively on new movie streaming service iwonder, giving viewers the inside access into one of the most shocking and widely publicised scandals ever to emerge from Hollywood. 

With as many as 80 women - including Angelina Jolie, Gywneth Paltrow, Kate Beckinsale, Cara Delevigne, Salma Hayek, Ashley Judd and Rose McGowan - claiming to have been sexually harassed or assaulted by Hollywood movie mogul Harvey Weinstein, Untouchable dives deep into the scandal credited for the rise of the global #MeToo movement.

Academy Award-winning movie producer, Harvey Weinstein, held a powerful position in Hollywood stretching back decades. As the co-founder of Miramax Films (which he later sold to Disney) and The Weinstein Company, Weinstein produced countless blockbuster hits like Pulp Fiction, Good Will Hunting, Shakespeare in Love, Sex, Lies, Videotapes, Gangs Of New York, Scream and more. However, behind the mask of legitimacy, it is supposed, lurked a sexual predator who preyed on aspiring actresses and co-workers.

Untouchable - from Academy Award-winning producer Simon Chinn (Man on Wire, Searching for Sugarman) and BAFTA-nominated director Ursula MacFarlane (One Deadly Weekend In America) - is a powerful and moving account of the abuses of power and privilege told in the often heartbreaking words of many of Weinstein’s accusers and purported victims. 

These raw and emotionally-charged testimonies shine a chilling light on the methods he apparently used to lure unsuspecting women into situations from which they were unable to escape. For the first time, in their own words, we hear from some of the victims about what it was like to be a sexual target in the private and imposing presence of Weinstein.

With Weinstein due to go on trial in January 2020, Untouchable serves to continue deeper conversations on sexual harassment in Malaysia given 17%  of Malaysian men and 36%  of Malaysian women have experienced it but only 53% reported or told someone about it, while the remaining went unreported due to embarrassment (54%), feeling no one would help (38%) and fears of repercussion (26%). 

Untouchable is an indictment of an era that turned a blind eye to the ugly transgressions of powerful people in privileged positions abusing power and position for personal gratification, and how sexual harassment will keep thriving in Malaysia and across the globe if society and culture continue to allow it. 

Weinstein’s eventual unmasking became a watershed movement for both women and men worldwide to break their silence on personal experiences of unwanted sexual advances. 

James Bridges, CEO and Co-Founder of iwonder, says: 

“Harvey Weinstein’s advances were long talked about in hushed tones at Hollywood cocktail parties but only now is the full extent of his predatory and unbridled abuse of his position coming to light. 
The reporting that brought his actions into the light, and the brave women who have stepped forward as victims of those actions, may very well be changing the fabric of society. 
We’re proud to bring this powerful and important film to Malaysia and through it, help spark conversations about how vital it is we all stand up to those who would abuse their power in a similar way.”

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[CREDIT: i Wonder]

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