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Celestial Movie, January TV program highlights

Operation Red Sea
Airs: Sun, 6 Jan @ 9PM  
Cast: Zhang Yi, Huang Jingyu, Hai Qing, Du Jiang

When a terrorist plots to obtain nuclear materials which is hidden under the cover of a violent coup, only the Chinese Navy’s elite Jiaolong Assault Team have the deadly skill and precision needed to take on the situation.

The Sinking City: Capsule Odyssey
Airs: Sun, 13 Jan @ 9PM  
Cast: Pakho Chau, Shiga Lin, Andrew Lam, Louis Cheung

A group of people living in ‘space capsules’ – large seminar rooms subdivided into small living quarters - struggle to fight for their ideal way of life in the prosperous yet divided city of Hong Kong.

The Incredible Monk – Dragon Return
Premieres: Sun, 20 Jan @ 9PM  
Cast: Benny Chan, Lam Tze Chung

Ko Yan Kit is a famous General in Song dynasty. However, due to the public pressure, Ko dares not to confess his feeling to his first love Fung Yee, who is forced to work in a brothel. Feeling helpless, he asks a monk for help. Everything goes smoothly, but when Fung Yee is suddenly killed, the monk and his companions must travel to the underworld to save Ko’s first love!

Premieres: Sun, 27 Jan @ 9PM  
Cast: Tats Lau, Isabel Chan, Bob Lam, Lam Yiu Sing

The Paws-Men are Tat Yan, Charlie, Seal, and Keith. When a dog is in need of rescue, the Paws-Men assemble to save the dog like Batman. “Paws-Men” tells the story of rescuing dogs, in which Paws-Men encounter many difficulties, such as a dog eatery, bullies and a dog abusing granny. Despite the hardships, Paws-Men gives us a peek into true friendships between dogs and humans, and makes us realise that saving dogs is not hard. It is dealing with people that is the real problem.

The Empty Hands
Airs: Fri, 4 Jan @ 9PM  
Cast: Stephy Tang, Chapman To, Yasuaki Kurata

Half Japanese Hong Kong girl Mari Hirakawa inherits her father’s dojo after his death. Forced under her father’s training in the past, Mari has become resentful of Karate and wants to sell the dojo as soon as possible. But the only way for her to succeed is to take on a bet with one of his father’s ex-student, Chan Keung, and compete in a legitimate martial arts competition that will ultimately change her life forever.

Airs: Fri, 11 Jan @ 9PM  
Cast: JC Chee, Marianne Tan, Eric Teng, Luqman Hafidz

Set in the 1980s, an unlikely team of footballers with a streak of losses have one chance left for international glory. But with their personal issues and conflicts tearing the team apart, can they eventually come together to defeat the odds? A powerful story based on true events, OlaBola invites us to join this multicultural team and follow their tribulations as they hold the hopes and dreams of a nation for greatness.

Shining Moment
Airs: Fri, 18 Jan @ 9PM  
Cast: Hins Cheung, Lam Suet, Echo Hao

After being sidelined by the gymnastics team, Yu quits and reinvents himself as a Latin dance instructor. Starting afresh, he begins to assemble a group of children to compete in the Latin dance competition. But can Yu, still facing his own insecurities, bring out the best in these children and let them shine on stage?

Airs: Fri, 25 Jan @ 9PM  
Cast: Dilraba Dilmurat, Karry Wang, Hao Lei, Jackie Chan

Namiya is a Chinese adaptation of the novel, Miracles Of The Namiya General Store, by best-selling author, Keigo Higashino. When three runaways shack up in an abandoned general store, a supernatural correspondence connects them to many lives that were all touched by the owner of the store years before they were born.

A House of Happiness
Airs: Tue, 1 Jan @ 7:15PM  
Cast: Richard Ng, Mimi Chu, Chan Fong, Cheryl Lee

Uncle Shui suffers from Alzheimer's disease but he can at least remember that his wife has died and his son is working in the city. His caregiver, Ha Gu, leaves him when she cannot stand his bad temper anymore. He then falls in love with a woman who looks a lot like his late wife but has a hidden agenda. His neighbors try to seek help from Ha Gu and Shui’s son to make Shui see the truth about the newcomer.

Shock Wave
Airs: Tue, 1 Jan @ 9PM  
Cast: Andy Lau, Jiang Wu, Philip Keung, Ron Ng

Superstar Andy Lau stars as a bomb specialist set on capturing a wanted criminal called Blast in this Hong Kong action-drama. But will he be able to do it in time when Blast threatens to kill hundreds of citizens and destroy everything in his quest for revenge?

Legend of the Demon Cat
Airs: Tue, 1 Jan @ 11:05PM  
Cast: Huang Xuan, Shōta Sometani, Kitty Zhang

Taking place in the Tang Dynasty, a demon cat appears and breaks the peace of Chang'an City, causing a series of strange events to occur, including the death of Concubine Yang. To uncover the mystery, a poet called Bai Letian and a Japanese monk called Kukai band together and follow the trials left by the cat, leading them to a buried secret…

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