7 Nov 2018


THE 1990s is often referred to as one of the best decades from the introduction of signature music icons such as Notorious B.I.G to the debut of sports legends such as Michael Jordan. If there’s something that everyone from this decade truly identified with, it was the freedom of expression through fashion. 

Fashion enthusiasts were bold and experimented with high-waisted ripped jeans, windbreakers, and chunky sneakers; ‘90s clothes were more than style statements, they were also really comfortable.

Although all good things come to an end as was such with this decade, all great trends do come back in style and the '90s look is here with a bang. Instead of trying your luck by rummaging through your parents’ closets, you can achieve that vintage look with some classic sneakers. 

If you're all about staying comfortable, but don't want that futuristic look of today's athletic wear, these are some of the best selections to add that 'old school' flair with any look.

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